Cloud Education Program is designed for enterprises that want to accelerate cloud adoption.

Digital transformation does not happen overnight. Cloud Adoption is a journey that involves huge organizational changes and a host of new best practices and knowledge requirements related to your IT infrastructure.

That is why upskilling your team is one of the most important hurdles to overcome. It begins with educating individuals to understand the cloud platform. It also involves encouraging the same individuals to continue developing their skills  so they can continuously apply their knowledge to generate business value, such as through automation and data and analytics.


This business value can be achieved faster by implementing a Cloud Education Program that fosters a culture of continuous learning.

Cloudreach partnered with A Cloud Guru to accelerate their public cloud adoption through building cloud platforms, governance, training, and cost management to drive sustainable cloud environments.

A Cloud Guru and Cloudreach utilize a premier on-demand training platform that allows KPIs to be tracked easily. Cloudreach will configure a model for assessment and reporting within the organisation based on agreed KPIs.


A Cloud Guru Accomplishments

A Cloud Guru has trained 800,000 engineers. They are a an Advanced Consulting Partner, Public Sector Partner, with Education Competency. They've completed over 10 million training sessions and have a 80 NPS score.

Enabling Innovation through Education

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