Deploy your cloud-native applications with scale, speed and built-in best practices.

Application modernization services can unlock valuable innovation opportunities. Yet, due to the lack of a cohesive modernization and management plan, slow, costly and error-prone cycles and unclear outcomes, your organization could be stopped before you even get started.

Cloudreach’s Serverless Architecture Services helps your business experience the benefits of cloud-native application development by rapidly deploying a serverless proof-of-value application, complete with built-in best practices. Our team of cloud experts guide you through exploration, experimentation and adoption of cloud-native services and demonstrate how your organization can reap the rewards of serverless architecture services – such as flexible scaling, automated high availability, no server management and cost savings.

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We provide strategic and tactical guidance to help you define the highest impact opportunities for adopting serverless technologies and micro-services architectures based on your business drivers.

Quickly and easily deploy a fully-configured project and gain insights into the advantages of serverless architecture.

Cut through planning cycles and explore hands-on benefits of modernizing and managing a containerized application.

Access funding programs by aligning to our cloud partners’ proven best practices modernization frameworks.

Our Approach

These sessions prime your organization for transformation, helping to surface potential remediation areas around overall readiness.

Built and deployed via Infrastructure-as-Code, the extensible serverless solution provisions a production-ready package, complete with best practices.

We replatform one of your existing applications to provide fact-based insights into the cost, performance and agility benefits of going cloud-native.

By integrating your existing CI/CD tools and workflows or by utilizing Cloudreach’s ready-to-go toolchain, we prepare you to confidently build and release features to your serverless applications.

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Comment tirer parti du mode serverless dans votre organisation ?
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Benefits of Serverless Architecture Services

Eliminates IT Infrastructure

Managing IT infrastructure can be a headache. Serverless applications therefore help to root out everything that has to do with the IT environment like supplying servers with different teams, applying updates and maintaining the operating systems. 

Allows You to Focus on The Important Things

Being permanently occupied with managing servers and execution times mean constant interruptions. Serverless architecture therefore allows you to focus on what really matters to achieve results more quickly. 

Contributes to The Scalability of Your Business

With our application modernization services, you can make use of an architecture external to your company and benefit from the functions that you need to develop it. Therefore, you can create a serverless web application that adapts to your budgets and helpshelp you scale your business.


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