You’ve got applications running in the cloud – but how do you know if you’re making the best use of cloud technologies to maximize performance, security and agility? 

Sunstone software platform provides dynamic, real-time visibility into your cloud estate for intelligent modernization recommendations, helping you realize the full potential of the cloud in a fast and cost-effective way. Automated resource discovery and application dependency mapping clearly maps out your cloud footprint and analytics engines continuously evaluate your infrastructure for modernization targets. Sunstone is aligned with cloud service provider (CSP) application maturity frameworks and leverages cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, industry-spanning big datasets and Cloudreach’s best-in-class cloud expertise.

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71% less time required for estate discovery, resulting in less demand on in-house resources and faster time to future state planning.

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39% time saved by moving to PaaS services, reducing time spent performing low level cloud infrastructure maintenance tasks

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28% faster adoption of containers and microservices through automated containerization

Why Sunstone:

Gain a real-time view of your cloud assets with Sunstone’s automated approach.

From both workload and technology-driven perspectives, analytics engines continuously evaluate your infrastructure for modernization opportunities.

A ready-to-go implementation path to future state to help you fully realize the promise of the cloud.

How It Works:

Sunstone’s agentless, lightweight onboarding process and automated data ingestion pipelines deliver rapid process dependency mapping and accurate application profiles for whole stack modernization.

Evaluations are performed based on assessments, including workload-centric architecture patterns, CSP managed services, containerization, database modernization and software license optimization.

The modernization roadmap is supported by data from an automated business case justification, confidence rating of potential risks and a forecast of application TCO.

Automated and continuous improvements are provided around these key standards: application performance efficiency, operational excellence, license optimization, site and application reliability, application security and total operating cost.

Intelligent modernization using AI and machine learning

Find out how Sunstone can help you maximize performance, security and agility with dynamic, real-time visibility into your cloud estate.

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