Planning a cloud migration for hundreds of workloads can be a slow, painful and costly process. Application estate assessments can drag on, causing a loss of momentum and slower time to value. 

Cloudreach’s SMARTStart™ is a “no regrets” cloud migration experience. By migrating three applications over a 30-day period, your organization can achieve quick wins and be empowered to fully explore the possibilities of the cloud. SmartStart™ includes strategic guidance and tactical steps, a total cost of ownership analysis, access to funding programs from our major cloud service provider partners, a lighthouse migration execution and a comprehensive proposal for a broader migration effort.

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Understand your existing application estate and cloud TCO with data from Cloudamize, our leading assessment and migration software.

Our cloud advisors develop a migration business case that identifies your business drivers – including revenue impact – to stimulate momentum throughout the project.

A holistic adoption roadmap scores your readiness and addresses the people and process changes that are required for cloud adoption.

A hands-on approach deploying up to three applications helps you prove the value of the cloud for your organization and ensure a successful scaled migration.

Our Approach

We conduct a migration assessment and cloud total cost of ownership analysis with our Cloudamize platform.

We draft a readiness report, complete the business case and wrap up data collection.

We create a Cloud Landing Zone, execute the migration of three applications and provide a full migration proposal.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend: 6 Principles of FinOps
Optimize Your Cloud Spend: 6 Principles of FinOps
Optimize Your Cloud Spend: 6 Principles of FinOps

Get started with a 24-hour migration proposal

Receive a cloud migration strategy tailored to your organization’s goals with our 24-hour SaaS cloud migration proposal service.

Learn more about our SmartStart™

Migrate three applications in 30 days to jumpstart your broader migration effort