Security, time constraints, migration and management costs are common concerns – whether your organization is just starting a cloud migration journey or looking to improve your existing cloud environment. What’s more, due to limited cloud skills and lack the knowledge required to maintain infrastructure across multiple cloud service providers, enterprises like yours may be struggling to truly understand the organizational impact of the cloud – so expert guidance is critical.

A well-designed Cloud Landing Zone solves all of these issues and more. Cloud platforms need structure and a Cloud Landing Zone provides just that; it’s essentially a blueprint for secure and scalable migration. 

Cloudreach’s Cloud Landing Zone capabilities include net-new design, validation for existing environments and build and deployment for all major cloud service platforms. Our expert delivery teams, automated approach and access to funding opportunities from our cloud service provider partners enable us to deliver highly configurable, fit-for-purpose Cloud Landing Zone solutions in a quick and cost-effective way. 

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With a validated baseline cloud infrastructure.

Through an automated and accelerated adoption approach.

With a compliant, secure and best practices-based foundation.

Our Approach

We conduct governance, operations and network and security workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements.

We use our Cloudamize software platform to automate the collection of infrastructure, performance and financial projection data.

We synthesize data sources to create a roadmap that aligns with your migration strategy and business objectives.

We deploy infrastructure-as-code to the target cloud service provider, using templates created in a Cloudamize “Build” Gallery.

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