Cloud migration is about more than just technology. It requires an enormous amount of business change. When existing processes and tooling aren’t optimized for the cloud or implemented with best practices, and when governance is an afterthought and not integrated with business strategy and culture – security incidents, unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies arise.

At Cloudreach, we take a holistic approach to designing a Cloud Governance Framework, focusing on both business and technical aspects. Our methodology starts with collaborative discovery sessions and culminates with an actionable governance framework to improve risk mitigation and compliance, reduce costs and optimize the performance of people and technology. A high-level Cloud Landing Zone design is an available option if your organization is seeking a deeper technical engagement.

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Our strategic level discussions and focus on both business and technical considerations underscore the importance of governance as an integral part of your cloud journey.

Leverage our tailored recommendations for governance of data, operational security, financial, multi-cloud and deployment automation, as well as cost optimization and complex compliance requirements.

Transform into a more agile organization and understand how to scale governance practices to your cloud environment with practical advice from our cloud experts.

Our Approach

We conduct a series of deep-dive workshops to understand your business environment and technical requirements.

We provide a governance framework report that includes detailed findings, a gap analysis of your current state and specific recommendations to drive more business value.

Our governance deliverables – including principles, processes and tooling – are mapped to easy-to-follow guidelines to support your new or existing cloud infrastructure.

Should you require a more technical focus, we offer the option of adding a high-level, implementation-ready Cloud Landing Zone design to your Cloud Governance engagement.

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Make governance a critical part of your cloud journey

Our cloud consulting team is ready to help you create a comprehensive cloud governance framework.

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