End of Life: SQL Server & Windows Server 2008

What is happening?

Currently, 50-60% of On-Premises Microsoft workloads are running on 2008 versions. Within the next 12 months, Microsoft will be ending the support for SQL Server 2008 (July 9th, 2019) and Windows Server 2008 (January 14th, 2020). This means that Microsoft will no longer be producing security updates and you will no longer be able to patch your workloads on these operating systems.

Why should you act now?

After these dates have passed, any workloads left on the aforementioned servers will be considerably more vulnerable to cyber attacks. You also risk non-compliance with regulatory bodies and new legislation.
Fear not! There is still time to prepare and plan ahead for the End Of Support of these servers.
This is a good opportunity to step back, review, assess, and rationalize not just your SQL Server 2008 position, but your entire strategy. Embracing the cloud can help your business become more agile and extensible

End of Support: SQL Server & Windows Server 2008 Webinar

Join Cloudreach CTO, Azure Practice, Jeff Deverter for an informational webinar about Windows 2008 & SQL 2008 EoS. Jeff helps to answer the following questions...How did we get here? Why are some individuals still on a system that is 11 years old?What are the options? If I do move to Azure, what do I need to be thinking about? What considerations do I need to make?

How can Cloudreach help?

Cloudreach can help you move your affected workloads onto the cloud.
We enable our customers to operate effectively in the cloud by modernizing the underlying infrastructure for the cloud, integrating applications with cloud-managed services, rearchitecting applications to cloud-native technologies, and supporting the infrastructure to ensure critical patches are never missed.

Cloudreach can help you evaluate the best targets based on customer application requirements, developer expertise needed, and overall costs of the project.

Offer Details

  • Automated assessment of applications, data, and licensing costs of current environment powered by Cloudamize
  • Migration / Modernization plan and architectures to modernize applications in the cloud
  • Automation focused approach to infrastructure, application configuration, and deployments
  • 24×7 Managed Services Support with Site Reliability Engineering

Offer Benefits

  • Reduced or optimized Licensing costs to match application demand
  • Business agility through shorter lead times and reduced change failure rates during application deployments
  • Focus limited resources on delivering additional business value rather than infrastructure
  • Leverage the cloud to focus on application and data and let the cloud provider take on the heavy lifting

Why Cloudreach?

Premium Multi-Cloud Provider

We are a premium partner with the major three public cloud providers with vast experience in Microsoft workload

Software Enabled

Cloudreach’s software driven approach through Cloudamize and Cloud templates enables us to quickly assess, migrate, and modernize workloads in the cloud in a cost optimized fashion.

End to End Capabilities

Our end-to-end capabilities allow customers to work with a single team to upgrade their infrastructure, applications, and databases with a single engagement.

Cloud Spend Optimization

Cloudreach helps customers achieve optimized licensing and scaling methods to ensure they are getting the most of their cloud spend.

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