The Fall of the Berlin Wall of Cloud Computing

Today marks a big step forward for Cloud Computing in Europe as Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches its region in Germany. Organizations can now create new businesses, enhance existing services and break into new markets without worrying about data moving outside of Germany.

London, October 2014 Cloudreach, a global cloud consultancy which opened its German offices earlier this year sees this as an important move for both AWS and cloud adoption in Germany. Pontus Noren, Co-Founder of Cloudreach states “To survive, businesses must be able to compete in today’s digital economy. Unrestricted use of the world’s number one cloud computing platform from AWS has become the essential part of any organizations ability to compete.” Noren further states, “The German region for AWS will enable German businesses to do business in Germany without moving their data outside Germany. The challenge of adhering to data privacy legislation and security still exists but AWS’s unparalleled security capabilities in combination with Cloudreach’s 6 years of AWS experience can help with that.”.  

About Cloudreach

We believe cloud platforms must drive transformation of IT rather than an iteration of old IT practices. To succeed, different skills with new approaches combined with cloud ready tools are required. Cloudreach provides this and we help organisations succeed with their transformation.

Headquartered in London, Cloudreach is a global cloud consultancy and operational services provider with extensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience across Enterprise IT / Data centre migration, Data Analytics, eCommerce and digital estates. As one of the most active and most experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partners, our work ranges from strategy through to engineering and operational services for AWS environments.   Press contact: Marketing