Cloudreach and Blackstone unveil plans to provide enterprise cloud services at global scale

Today, Blackstone, one of the world’s foremost investment firms, added Cloudreach to its portfolio of companies. With offices across seven countries, Cloudreach is the only cloud-native enabler with significant presence in both Europe and North America. Our agile approach to business transformation is underpinned by deep expertise and experience in enabling cloud technologies for some of the world’s largest organisations, including BP, Hearst Corporation and Pearson. The researcher Forrester has already predicted that the Public Cloud services market will grow rapidly to $236 billion in 2020, continuing to bring increased value to its customers. Cloud-native enablers are the best placed organisations to rapidly expand and fulfil this growing demand. Not only are they agile in delivery, with deep expertise in cloud technologies, but they also have no legacy business to protect. In this key strategic move, Blackstone’s ambition is to scale Cloudreach to become the world’s leading end-to-end cloud enabler, whilst retaining the cloud-native qualities that have made us successful. “Since our inception in 2009, we have gone on to build the leading global cloud services company that is valued by its customers for the way in which we accelerate their success with adopting cloud technologies” said Pontus Noren, co-founder of Cloudreach.  “This investment by Blackstone will allow us to continue to expand our geographic reach, our software development capabilities, and further automate and expand our managed services / cloud operations capabilities. The focus is to enable our customers to innovate at pace and adapt their business to today’s IoT, AI and digitally driven world.” "With the pace of change accelerating in the world, enterprises must move swiftly to participate in the numerous emerging but also fleeting profit opportunities,” said Dave Johnson, senior advisor, Blackstone. “For companies and leaders to survive and prosper in this disruptive era, they must create an organization that can adapt quickly and move efficiently from their legacy businesses and business models to new ones. Public cloud provides the agility needed to migrate a company’s underlying business processes that is paramount to sustaining competitiveness.” For more on this partnership please visit