Why Have We Partnered With A Cloud Guru?

We reflect on what the recently announced partnership between Cloudreach and A Cloud Guru and what our new Cloud Education Program means for our customers and our business.

At Cloudreach we are obsessed with the opportunities and possibilities that Cloud transformation can unlock for our customers. By embracing the Cloud, enterprises can decrease time to market, meet fluctuating demand, increase staff efficiency, and innovate quickly.

These golden nuggets at the end of the rainbow are a strong indication of why the Cloud industry is flourishing. However, these improvements often come at the expense of a complete overhaul to your IT systems, processes, and people, many of whom will have been working with legacy technologies for many years.

Change is never easy. As with any digital transformation, ensuring your organization has the required skills is one of the first hurdles to overcome. We believe in focusing on brain power over manpower and that up-to-date training should be considered as an essential part of every business’s cloud strategy.

Understanding the demand from our customers for a more structured training element to be integrated into their cloud journey, we have teamed up with training provider, A Cloud Guru, to set up our Cloud Education Program.

"We believe in focusing on brain power over manpower and that up-to-date training should be considered as an essential part of every business’s cloud strategy."

What is the Cloud Education Program?

Through our partnership, A Cloud Guru’s educational program provides us with a value-added service that we can offer our customers to help upskill their IT workforce and ease their digital transformation.

Technology is changing faster than a company's ability to acquire and master new skills - and the rate of change is accelerating. As the technologies behind cloud computing continue to develop, businesses are under more and more pressure to keep pace and stay relevant in today's marketplace.

The Cloud Education Program adds an educational roadmap to our engagements, ensuring the most relevant cohort training can be put in place to equip the IT workforce with the skills they need.

By integrating A Cloud Guru’s training content within the context of our consulting practice, Cloudreach can help clients accelerate their migrations and cloud adoptions in three ways:

  1. Establish a common language. A Cloud Guru ensures that teams are trained using a common knowledge base and a shared understanding of Cloud computing. The rigor of their training is invaluable to establishing a baseline of Cloud fluency. The common knowledge base ensures that engineers are sharing a consistent understanding of Cloud computing.
  2. Transition to a new Cloud-based culture. Talent transformation efforts must achieve critical mass before the transition to a new operating model can become self-sustaining. While the delivery of traditional technology training is usually limited by the size of a classroom, A Cloud Guru's online learning platform efficiently scales to meet the demands of any organization.
  3. Measurable ROI from Cloud adoption. As more of your employees became Cloud fluent, teams begin leveraging standard approaches and patterns - which results in greater efficiency and higher-quality implementations. Ultimately, using Cloudreach’s Cloud Education Program is a means to achieving outcomes that define the business case for Cloud migrations.

Your success at Cloud adoption, migrations, and modernization comes down to the skills of your people and the building of a culture that embraces the positive impact of creating, deploying and supporting modern apps in the Cloud.

We are both Cloud native

Aside from the practical benefits, there are many other reasons why an alliance between Cloudreach and A Cloud Guru makes perfect sense.

Both companies were born in the Cloud and share similar origins. Cloudreach was formed in 2009 after our founders, Pontus Noren and James Monico, saw the huge opportunity from helping companies consume Cloud-based technologies. The business now has over 750 employees, offices in eight different countries, works with all of the major Cloud Service Providers, and doesn’t use a single server.

A Cloud Guru also started by two founders, Ryan and Sam Kroonenburg, in 2015. The entire learning platform was built in less than 30 days and it became one of the world’s first completely serverless startups. The platform now boasts over 700,000 customers and the company has offices in the UK (London), Australia (Melbourne), and USA (Austin & Washington DC).

Both companies also share similar philosophies on how we look after our people and our customers. We both encourage learning and development opportunities and ensure our people have enjoyable and relaxing office environments so they can thrive at work. We also believe in innovation alongside the industry to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.

We are very excited about the partnership with A Cloud Guru. It provides yet another way that we can provide value for our customers and prepare their business for life in the Cloud. It gives our talented people the opportunity to hone and develop their skills and further their careers. It also gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a like-minded company that we can innovate and grow alongside in the years to come.

Explore the training options available to both individuals and businesses from A Cloud Guru click here.

A Cloud Guru’s training platform will be integrated with Cloudreach’s Cloud Education Program, offering clients the ability to internally scale Cloud fluency to support building the business case, Cloud deployments, and migrations.

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