What does it take to be a leading MSP?

"Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character"- John Wooden.

To repeat our presence in the Leader quadrant of Gartner’s Public Cloud MSP MQ is a truly humbling honor, but knowing the character of our global team of Cloudreachers, it’s not entirely surprising. Since joining Cloudreach, I have gained fantastic insight into what it takes to be a leading MSP.

I joined Cloudreach a few months ago to lead our managed services business, and one of the most poignant metrics I learned was "350 enterprise customers, operating in 8 countries, speaking 36 languages - zero servers owned."

In a remarkably succinct way, it captures the passion our entire company has for our unconflicted cloud-native vision, backstopped by a wonderfully diverse team from every corner of the world. We are uniquely positioned to focus the entirety of our energy on advancing public cloud mastery without the confines of a bare-metal legacy, and achieve our goal to be the category leader for software-enabled services supporting cloud adoption.

Here are some important elements which have contributed to the success of Cloudreach as a MSP, and I would advise other companies in this space to consider a similar approach.

Be software-enabled

At Cloudreach, we all believe very strongly in the vision of offering differentiated services led by our investment in software, whether via internal development, acquisition, or through partnership with the major cloud service providers and ISVs. And when sequenced intelligently, these software assets combine to form a powerful customer experience.

Products like Cloudamize enable our customers to skillfully determine their optimal public cloud architecture, and then stay one step ahead of their costs. Internally developed products such as Connect and Conductor bring about unheralded abilities to interconnect application architectures of all shapes and flavours with your public cloud assets, and then visualize the relationships among the myriad of components in an easily digested format. These products are very powerful differentiators in our managed services capabilities, and are used by our global Cloud Operations team on a daily basis.

Automation is really important when it comes to operations, whether via native services offered by the HCPs, or your own developments. This will enable the faster completion of undifferentiated work, allowing our team to focus more on the issues that matter to our customers.

Invest in growth

Of course, part of being a Leader involves the caliber of our relationship with the three hyperscale cloud service providers, and to that end we are proud to hold the highest accreditations with AWS, Azure, and GCP. Promoting personal growth is really important to make sure you have confident and developing teams. I stumbled across this article from Chris Bunch back in 2015 about the importance of vendor exams - this is still remains true today.

Strive for better customer experiences

It’s important to not rest on your laurels, and strive to be better. In the next 12 months, Cloudreach will take additional steps forward in advancing our managed services capabilities across all of the major HCPs, enabling us to stand ready to operationalize features at a pace that keeps us one step ahead of the adoption curve (and the fading competition).

With backing from Blackstone, we are making greater investments in our Customer Success organization, to ensure we have meaningful touchpoints and real dialog with our customers at every step of their cloud journey.

If you are a customer of ours, we say "thank you" for working with us. On behalf of the entire Cloud Operations team, we welcome the challenge of exceeding your expectations, and providing reassurance that you are with a terrific partner for your cloud journey. If you’re not a customer yet, we invite you to drop us a line and find out what the buzz is about - there’s never been a better time to become a Cloudreach customer.

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