We have begun - announcing the merger with Cloudamize

Horace of Rome once said; "To have begun is half the job: be bold and be sensible." Cloudreach’s growth is continuing at pace driven by our 350 (and growing) group of passionate, skilled and dedicated Cloudreachers, more than ably supported by our trailblazing partners - Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google. This organic growth is not only impressive in the context of a fast growing industry - it surpasses all expectations.  In essence, we are the cloud juggernaut ready for the next step as the use of hyperscale cloud reaches a tipping point within the Enterprise.

Where are we at?

When Blackstone acquired control of Cloudreach in February this year, our enhanced vision was clear: create the category leader in this new market of software enabled services organisations focused on hyperscale cloud platforms. We are really impressed with the 100 or so new Cloudreachers who have decided to join us since February. Thank you all and thank you also to those who are contributing to our success, whether you work for a partner or indeed are one of our customers.

We knew that, despite our very best efforts, organic growth alone would not take us where we needed to be. Finding, enticing and inviting the best fast moving companies in the cloud market to join our project and vision would be required. We have begun and arrived at first base:

Intelligent Cloud AdoptionTM beautifully engineered - Cloudreach merges with Cloudamize!

We believe Intelligent Cloud AdoptionTM can only be achieved through a combination of clever people and smart software. Today that software is sometimes provided by our partners, and our aim is to build towards providing the full product (software + services) from within Cloudreach. Besides what we already deliver today using Cloudreach Connect as an iPaaS solution, the new addition to the Cloudreach family, Cloudamize, attacks the challenges posed by planning, migrating and operating hyperscale cloud platforms.

Today’s announcement is another step towards cementing our goal of being the global category leader in software-enabled services for hyperscale cloud platforms. The opportunity to merge Cloudreach’s capabilities with Cloudamize - the cloud computing analytics and migration automation leader - is exciting for our customers and partners alike.

We are very excited to welcome Cloudamize’s outstandingly talented team and fantastic software platform. Their cloud computing analytics platform provides data analysis and recommendations to speed up and simplify cloud migration and management. The platform helps organisations automate application discovery and dependency mapping to design a precise migration plan, analyzes performance metrics and usage patterns on an ongoing basis to ensure your cloud is always right-sized, and provides clear visibility into cloud costs for better control. What more can you want and/or need!

Additionally, we believe our experience and customer engagement feedback will help enrich the platform’s roadmap and features. This will allow the Cloudamize technology to remain the best in its space and we will continue to make it available to customers and partners through an independent channel ecosystem.

What’s next for us?

More skills, scale and software tools will be added to the Cloudreach juggernaut, no doubt. With scaling comes challenges too so we need to do this in a carefully thought through way to avoid tripping ourselves, our customers or our partners up. We have begun - now we need to be bold and sensible.