Tips for fixing Chef cluster issues

Whether it’s an internal or customer project, Chef is a common tool for us to use at Cloudreach. It helps automate infrastructure testing and deployment, allowing us to work smart and minimize human possible errors throughout the whole development, testing and deploying workflow.

Unfortunately it takes more than just a bit of knowledge to have a consistent and reliable setup, but errors do occasionally occur and whilst most of the times are small patches here and there to fix and improve the system, sometimes more specialised and less documented errors happen.

I created a compilation of tips and tricks to fix a High Availability Chef cluster setup on AWS cloud platform, but which can apply to any other cloud vendor (like DigitalOcean, Google Cloud).

View my compilation here:

If you are looking to update your Chef cluster setup on AWS, or implement a new one, I do recommend having a look at the AWS Native Chef Server Cluster. It was designed and tested for AWS services.

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