Time To Elevate Your Future

You may have noticed a few changes around here...

After months of evaluating our goals, honing our messaging and evolving our visual identity, I am proud to introduce Cloudreach’s new brand to the world. 

Alongside our striking new look is an equally bold and ambitious mission, which we believe captures the very essence of what our company is all about:

We elevate technology and people so you can reach new heights.

Why relaunch the brand now?

Decisions to relaunch a brand are never taken lightly, especially if you are a company that has been building a strong name for itself over the past 10 years and is riding a positive wave of success and growth. 

However, brands are never static, they must constantly evolve as businesses grow and markets change.

So, why relaunch now?

Well, first we considered the scope of services we offer our customers...

Over the past decade, we have established ourselves as a truly cloud-native expert, building excellent relationships with, and demonstrating an unmatched understanding of, the major cloud platforms.

Today, we are the leading cloud solutions provider, recognized for our outcome-driven transformation and reliability services, our software and our Cloud Culture. These strengths differentiate us as the changemakers in our industry, helping customers quickly and continuously realize positive, sustainable business outcomes from the public cloud. Our new branding and messaging reflect the scope of our expanding offering, and the value it offers to our customers as we elevate their capabilities.

We then had to consider how much we have grown...

The size and shape Cloudreach today is very different from how it was even a short year ago.  Our hyperscale growth since our acquisition by Blackstone in 2017 has seen us more than double in size. There are now over 1000 Cloudreachers, operating in 20 cities, across 10 countries around the world (including London, Edinburgh, Atlanta, New York, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, and Pune). Our new branding compliments our truly global scale and reach, assuring our enterprise customers that, no matter where they are, or what their challenge is, we can help them on their cloud journey.

We have also thought long and hard about what the brand means to our people...

Since we were founded in 2009, Cloudreachers have been at the core of the company’s success, always being one step ahead for our customers, building our reputation in the industry as ambassadors of our values. What’s more, as part of our growth, we have acquired several fantastic companies such as Relus Cloud, Cloudamize and ETA. These acquisitions have injected some amazing talent into our teams and added strong skill sets and values to join with our own. This relaunch is a chance to bring these skills and values together. Unifying the best elements from multiple legacies to develop our culture around one company.

Over the past ten years, this company has achieved some great things - continually breaking new ground in the cloud-native managed services space to become a leader in this space. Our bold and optimistic new identity aims to build on that legacy, and propel our business into the future.

This is just the start. There is so much more to come from us as we continue to evolve and find new ways to elevate both our customers and ourselves so we can all reach new heights.

  • Elevate Your Future