Time for Inspir(e) ‘ation’

This week we are in Las Vegas attending Microsoft Inspire with our software brand, Cloudamize. Tom Ray, Cloudreach General Manager for Microsoft Azure, shares his thoughts on what visitors should expect from the event.

It’s time to make our way to sunny Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire. It’s their flagship partner event, pulling in thousands to hear about Microsoft’s vision for 2020. For Cloudreach, we are excited to be involved during what is a busy period for us, we’ve launched our new brand, renewed our Azure Expert MSP competency and are finalizing our plans for FY20 - which for us kicks off 1st August. Busy times. 

For one of my colleagues, Chris Bunch (General Manager of EMEA at Cloudreach), it’s his fourth Microsoft Inspire in a row, I asked him what he was expecting:

“As I write this at the airport, I see it looks like a whopping 43 degrees celcius when we land - so I’m expecting some serious Nevada heat! These Microsoft events are genuinely inspiring, and I look forward to hearing from the exec team and customers alike about how they’re using technology to solve real world problems. The past few years have been excellent in terms of content and atmosphere, and I think we’ll hear many new announcements - and not just the very popular reversal of some planned internal rights usage changes. Oh, and of course, I want to play with a Hololens! AR is going to be huge in a few years.”

As Chris says, the clue is in the title, it is inspiring. I’m looking forward to the Corenote showcase sessions in the T-Mobile Arena, the 2-1 sessions with the different country leads laying out how our plans for the year ahead and expanding our collective knowledge of what Microsoft has in store in FY20 across their programs, initiatives and incentives. 

Our stand will be branded as Cloudamize (our software brand), where the team will be demonstrating the great value we can bring to our channel partners like Instillery or Comparex.  If you are an MSP or SI, please do come on by to meet us, we’d love to explain how our software can help you accelerate your customer’s move the Cloud. Our software is definitely eating the world. 

In June I wrote a blog post to explain that Cloudreach are investing in our relationship with Microsoft, to service increasing demand from our customers. Since June, we’ve made great progress and spent time to align our refreshed vision and mission to our partnership, this is something we’re keen to land at Microsoft Inspire

When I reflect on this and Microsoft’s Azure mission to ‘Turn your ideas into solutions faster using a trusted cloud that's designed for you’, you can see a natural connection, both want to provide a world class services and platform, focused on outcomes for our shared customers. 

Lastly, my colleague Jeff DeVerter (CTO Azure), will be writing up his notes from this week in the Nevada desert, to highlight the key takeaways from the week and what it means to our customers and Cloudreachers alike. 

Safe travels all, Tom