The Dos and Don'ts of AWS re:Invent 2014

As re:Invent kicks off today, over 13,000 registered attendees will attend the world’s hottest public cloud event. We’ve asked our team going to the event on some dos and don’ts. Heres some of their suggestions below, if you’d like to add anything feel free to comment – enjoy!

The Dos

Download the re:Invent 2014 mobile app

This app is a must download for you to get the latest schedule of speakers and workshop sessions to indulge in. There’s also information on the pub crawl, and a nice handful of networking drinks. Download your mobile app here

Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is probably one of America’s greatest landmarks and represents some awesome views for local and international visitors. This is a must do if it’s your first time, visit the website here

Get your AWS Certifications

Make sure you do your AWS Certifications, it’s free and you’ll get some awesome gifts for completing them. More information on the training available here.

Get to the top of the Stratosphere and dangle off it

The Stratosphere is a hotel, tower, casino and one of the largest free standing observation towers in the western hemisphere. It offers frightening views for those scared of heights and rides for thrill seekers – not to mention an inhouse mall, theatre and even a wedding chapel! For more information about the rides visit here

Watch "The Top Learnings from re:Invent 2014"Webinar

There’s no doubt you’ll miss some of the sessions and perhaps attend sessions that are irrelevant to you. Attend our webinar on "The Top Learns from re:Invent 2014". This is a shortcut to summarise re:Invent to your peers who couldn’t attend.

Enjoy a 3 eggs breakfast over easy at Cafe Bellagio

With a 4.5/5 star rating on Trip Advisor and some great internal recommendations you should enjoy breakfast at Cafe Bellagio. It opens 24/7 so who knows what time breakfast starts for you! Visit their website here


The Don’ts

Twerk in front of a camera

As appealing as it may be, you’ll probably end up at a random late night party and may feel the urge to do a Miley Cyrus twerk. Just avoid twerking in front of a camera or the video may come back to haunt you…

Hate on "Don’t Stop Believin' – Journey"

Nearly every elevator, bar and restaurant will belt this song! Embrace it like the Cloud and enjoy Vegas while it lasts.

Pay anything on credit card your partner might see

A trip to Vegas may be a nice time to spend away from your partner. Just remember to be wise when paying for drinks, meals and entertainment. You don’t want to surprise your partner with a hefty bill!

Go to Vegas if you can’t stand the noise of a fruit machine (slot machine)

After a few days you won’t hear it!