Cloudy Value Spotlight: “Succeed Together” With Annelise Denny

We’re proud of our cloudy culture - It has been, and continues to be, one of our key differentiators. As we grow, it’s critical that we stay true to who we are. Equally, as we look to elevate the future, it’s vital that our culture - how we do things - evolves with us. We are very excited to roll out our evolved values, that when lived, make up our “keep it cloudy” culture.

Annelise Denny, Core Operations Analyst, knows a thing or two about keeping it cloudy. As part of our Ops group in Vancouver, Annelise and her teammates make managing and optimizing Cloud Infrastructure and Applications easy and efficient for our customers on a 24/7 basis. In order to provide top-tier managed services to our customers on an ongoing basis, it’s critical that Annelise and her teammates trust each other, leverage each other’s unique strengths, and share ideas openly. Cloudreach Operations sees success as something that’s achieved as a team; to effectively support our customers in their cloud journeys, it’s vital to “succeed together.” Annelise shares her thoughts around our new value, “succeeding together,” and why it’s important to live this value at Cloudreach.

How have you seen the Cloudreach culture grow and evolve through your time with the company?

When I initially joined Cloudreach 1.5 years ago, I immediately knew that this was a company that values its employees - always putting a heavy emphasis on its culture.  We have grown tremendously since then, and with new people comes along different opinions and backgrounds. This past year, I’ve noticed great initiatives such as Cloudreach Circles to help create important dialogue around things such as mental health, race, gender and sexuality. Having a platform to educate and discuss with our fellow colleagues is important. Openness matters. Community matters. Being able to be yourself at work matters

We are very excited to launch our new evolved values! One of our core values is “Succeed Together” which connects closely to the work you do as a Core Ops Analyst. Can you explain what “succeeding together” means to you? 

I think we all have a responsibility to help one another. In Ops we are exposed to a wide range of technologies, therefore just like our customers environments, the people here have different strengths that we can all learn from. We constantly collaborate with one another to gain better insight into solving a problem. A big part of my job is to listen and share ideas that colleagues have and take feedback on ways we can improve or fix problems, which ultimately provides a better customer experience.

How do you support this value in your day-to-day life?

Starting off as an intern, I knew, first-hand, the overwhelming yet exciting experience it is onboarding at Cloudreach. The great thing was, every single person genuinely wanted me to succeed, there was an overt sense of open community. Coming in with the little knowledge I had of the public cloud space, I knew I could reach out, ask questions, and really challenge myself. Since then, I have tried to emulate that helpfulness with every person I interact with, be it my team or not. Getting to know someone on a personal level allows me understand how I can help.

Tell us about a time you’ve seen this value in action at Cloudreach.

Over the course of a couple of months, we expanded our team to support our growing customer base. In doing so, there was a much-needed step in restructuring how we would onboard and train new hires. 

In the weeks following our in-take, with help from leaders, leads, and engineers, we were able to create new structured training schedules with classes and tests to gauge their objectives. We reduced upskill time from 3 months to 1.5 months. New hires got an opportunity to work and develop relationships with everyone they collaborated with as they would benefit from training from various people with various skills. It was rewarding to see everyone working together to pool their ideas and create our new onboarding training. 

How does the Core Operations team promote all Cloudreachers to live this value?

In our team, we need 24/7 coverage to support our many customers across different time zones. Knowing that I can count on my team when we hand things off to each other is key to setting each other up for success on a daily basis. 

Why is it important for Cloudreach to respect diversity and share ideas with an open mind?

With the re-launch of our brand, I think it’s more important than ever to stick with what makes Cloudreach a great place to work– its culture of collaboration and openness. In the ever-changing space of IT, it’s important to be open to new ideas. These ideas are what drive innovation. We are all incredibly smart people who bring different experiences into our workplace. We can all benefit from our differences just as much as we should celebrate our collective unity. 

Thanks Annelise! Visit our Careers site to learn more about the Cloudreach culture and our evolved values: