Security & Governance on AWS - Wisconsin Roadshow

Governance, Risk, and Compliance are often viewed as the bureaucracy getting in the way of innovation on the cloud - 48% of IT teams actually admit they don’t spend enough time on Security -  but good Security and Governance programs establish the foundation for meeting compliance objectives and enabling secure, long term cloud adoption and innovation. 

Terms like “DevSecOps”, “Continuous Compliance”, and “Security Automation” can seem daunting, and often feel like methodologies that require an internal overhaul of people and process. But, If you’re serious about improving your organization’s security posture and implementing best practices, Cloudreach can help. 

Join Cloudreach and AWS as we dive into all things Security & Governance on AWS. From understanding core AWS technologies and new solutions like AWS Landing Zone and AWS Control Tower, to hands-on labs around IAM, auditing on AWS, expect to leave the session with a clear path for implementing Security & Governance best practices and programs for your organization on AWS. 

During the session, delivered by AWS Experts and Cloudreach Solution Architects Bruno Prentice and Rafael Cuevas, you’ll learn...

    • How to adapt your existing security protocols to account for workloads running on AWS
    • The security services provided by AWS that help reduce the overall burden on your security teams
    • How to provide an audit trail to verify that protocols are being adhered to
    • How to limit the blast radius for a given workload

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