Seasonal Elasticity

No, we’re not talking about adjusting your waistband to accommodate multiple Christmas dinners!  If you are in Retail or do business with Retailers we’re talking about scaling your online server and data use according to the demands of your business.

Most businesses already do this and almost certainly your IT Team have already provisioned sufficient capacity to more than deal with the highest peaks of load that can be expected over a peak period like the run up to Christmas.   Its important to get this right. Your customers will appreciate that your services are reliable, and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing whatever happens – you’re covered.  But where has this extra capacity come from?  Has it been sitting idle for the rest of the year?

Traditional hosting or private cloud infrastructure can mean significant capital expenditure for capacity that is only required for a few weeks a year.  It’ll also take up a lot of your IT Team’s time, constantly working to ensure the server provision can handle the peaks in demand for your online systems. Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables companies just like yours to consume infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis whilst ensuring the capacity is there when you need it. Your usage simply scales up and down according to your requirements and you don’t pay for what you don’t use. Not to mention the flexibility that AWS can give you in an emergency- if you need to throw vertical scaling, horizontal scaling or IOPS at a problem you can do just that while you troubleshoot your application.  And with Cloudreach’s experience behind you, you can weather the storm.

You wouldn’t pay your utility bills based on the months with the highest usage. So why do many other successful organisations like yours pay for their data resources in this way? Probably because you haven’t talked to Cloudreach yet to find out the best way of utilising AWS online data services. Stop stockpiling your data resource for a rainy day, talk to Cloudreach and start saving money now.