Power Business Success with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Cloud computing empowers businesses to increase their efficiency, make significant cost savings, and improve communication, at the same time as offering innovation previously available only to global market leaders.


Managing your sales and marketing functions through a cloud-based CRM system such as Salesforce is the difference between having a good business, and having a great business. With the right level of expertise, experience and knowledge, CRM will:

  • Drive innovation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Increase knowledge of your marketplace
  • Simplify communication channels
  • Enable you to focus on the future of your business

The key benefit of cloud computing is in the opportunity it provides to look at what a business already does well, and improve it considerably through more efficient systems and joined-up thinking.

The key benefit of a cloud-based CRM system is the ability to manage your sales and marketing activities, and internal teams in one central place. Accessible from anywhere by anyone, Salesforce offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enable you to tailor the system to your exact business needs.

With easy integration of systems your business already knows and uses, and scope for independent developers to build their own apps within Salesforce, the only limit to your success is having the knowledge and understanding to make the most of the opportunities. Fortunately, Cloudreach is here to do just that. We’ll lead you through the process in the most suitable way for your organisation.
The main asset of any business is its people. People with the ability to shape your success exist inside and outside your organisation. Doing something new to inspire, motivate and influence them is the key to a successful sales and marketing strategy.

Achieve all this through Sales Cloud by Salesforce and you’ll have a great business. But ultimately, we know you invest in your business to do one thing; to increase your bottom line. That’s why the consultancy services offered by Cloudreach focus on the real-time benefits of cloud computing, namely increasing:

  • Turnover of sales and productivity
  • Conversion of leads
  • Average deal size and win rate
  • Accuracy of forecasts and visibility of sales activity

Moving your sales function over to the Sales Cloud also allows you to capitalise on the mobile business revolution. In the past two years, use of mobile internet has increased by over 80%. Far from covering your bases, ensuring your sales team has the tools to perform effectively via their mobile device is an opportunity you can’t afford not to take.