Optimizing the Cloud Lifecycle: The Platform Strategy that Powers True Transformation

The journey to implementing a strong cloud operating model is not a linear one, and it doesn’t end once migration is complete. You want to transform your business; to solve ongoing challenges and help meet current and future business goals. But organizations often struggle with complexity and daunting challenges that can get in the way of realizing optimal outcomes in the cloud environment, including: 

    • Having a sound cloud strategy starting point
    • Understanding the advantages of a single or hybrid cloud strategy
    • Understanding how to demonstrate cloud native value
    • Understanding how to overcome a lack of in-house cloud specific skills

Leveraging the full benefit of the cloud depends on implementing a platform strategy that supports every stage – from planning to optimization. To ensure a better cloud experience, cloud architects should contemplate two important considerations: 

  1. Embracing a applications-centric approach.
  2. Choosing a single platform with multi-cloud support.

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