A Face in the Cloud - Tori Levine, North America Marketing Lead

Back in September, Atlanta based AWS consulting partner, Relus Cloud, became the newest member of the Cloudreach family. This joining of forces has enhanced our team with more driven and talented individuals who are dedicated to keeping us one step ahead.

In our latest Face in the Cloud, we speak to Tori Levine, North America Marketing Lead, just ahead of her talk at the Sales & Marketing Alignment Mini-Conference in Atlanta with Josiah Deegan. Tori shares her experience of joining Cloudreach from Relus Cloud and explains why she thinks Sales and Marketing alignment is so important.

Welcome to Cloudreach Tori! How did you get into the Tech Industry?

I’ve had an interesting path into my career. I went to Furman University and met a man named Mark Metz, who was the CEO of Relus Cloud. I was hired as a Marketing Assistant and have since grown into the role of Marketing Technologist. Something that has really helped my career is that both Relus Cloud & Cloudreach have encouraged me to constantly develop my skills and define my own path.

You’re part of the newly joined Relus Cloud family, what most excites you about Cloudreach?

It has been a cool process to be a part of and watch events unfold over the past few months. Cloudreach is essentially Relus Cloud a few years down the road. There is so much room for growth and development. You can really see how Cloudreach puts an emphasis on employee growth through targeted leadership programs that encourage Cloudreachers to develop as leaders in the technology field. Beyond that, I’m even more excited to work with the best and brightest out there!

What personal goals have you defined for your new role?

I am the North America Marketing Lead here at Cloudreach. I’m very excited to be able to push this market forward and keep up with the ever-changing technology industry. There is so much that can be done within this market and I am excited to be able to work with the amazing Cloudreachers I surround myself with daily. I want to ensure that we have all the tools to make Cloudreach the most efficient and effective partner out there.

We hear you’re speaking at the Sales & Marketing Alignment Mini-Conference, tell us more about that.

Josiah and I have been working closely together since the creation of our Sales Development Team. Our goal is to drive our sales forward and help our sales representatives get in touch with new and interesting customers. A key tool that we use to achieve this is a technology called SalesLoft. They reached out to us to ask if we wanted to speak about how we leverage their platform to align sales and marketing.

I don’t want to give too much away about what we’re going to speak about, but SalesLoft has helped us both prospect and work with new customers and helped us re-engage customers we’ve worked with in the past. We will cover how it has brought our marketing and sales arms together to allow us to provide a better service to our customers.

Why is it important for these two elements to align?

That’s a great question. I think it’s an exciting thing to talk about because this alignment is what drives modern sales organizations forward.

The way I see it, without Sales there is nothing to market and without Marketing there is nothing pushing the sales line forward. In a highly developed sales organization, you can’t have a successful sales or marketing department without this alignment. It’s important to have everyone on the same page because we all have one common goal: to make the company successful.

What tips or tricks do have for other young marketing professionals?

Work hard and hustle and act like an owner. If you’re at a great organization that invests in you what you invest in it then the sky's the limit. I’ve learned this at both Relus Cloud and Cloudreach. People will push you to be the best you can be, and sometimes it’s a lot of pressure. However, if you can stick with it, it is a truly incredible feeling to have a sense of empowerment and to know your opinions matter. That being said, acting like an owner is about going the extra mile. It’s about investing in yourself and your own professional development.

In addition to this, get to know everyone! No matter who they are within your company they have knowledge and experience that can only help you throughout your career. Within Cloudreach, I’m so lucky to have the most intelligent people in the room with me and I feel that sometimes this is overlooked. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or step outside your box, that will get you to the next level.

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