My Cloudy Internship

Like many people my age, there seems to be a question that all parents want to know, it comes as the end of university looms ever nearer and that is, "what job do you want?"

After copious amounts of ducking and diving I had managed to avoid ever giving a serious answer thus far in my life, however it was time and I began to look for summer internships where I hoped to gain experience in the workplace and hopefully try and pinpoint what it was that I wanted my future profession to be. After unsuccessfully scouring the web internet I decided, what better thing to search than 'Best Company to Work for in the UK?'


It was in this moment of magic that I discovered Cloudreach. I dived into their website trying to unearth what it is they do, like all great problems I decided to just ask my dad to explain. He explained how he knows them well, as he works for Chef, a partner of Cloudreach. I decided to get in touch and, a few emails later explaining that I had an interest in marketing, I had an amazing opportunity to follow the ACE Team around.  

The day had finally come to start my internship and I was shocked, as a student I was used to early starts being around 11am so the 6am alarm hit me hard. The second shock that day was with the layout and vibe of the office, with a pool table, nerf guns, bean bags and unlimited drinks and snacks, everyone chatting and working in an relaxed yet efficient manner, it was far more attractive than how I had imagined an IT office would look and feel.


From the word go I felt like I had a place and a purpose, I was greeted with my own temporary laptop and email address, being involved in meetings and presentations allowed me to understand how the business works. Before I started I had anticipated that there wouldn't be many tasks or activities for me to occupy my time with and the internship would be more about watching in silence, I couldn't be further from the truth. There hasn't been a moment throughout my time here when I haven't had some task to do, or someone to talk to or something to learn and this made it exciting and thoroughly enjoyable.


I was fortunate as my internships coincided with the quarterly event meeting and activities. This was an opportunity for me to listen to a range of people from offices throughout Europe and various different sectors of the organisation while they explained current projects. It was also a chance to listen to how the company is growing, its origins and the future of Cloudreach. Once the presentations were done everyone ate lunch together and chatted about everything from AWS to the football. It was great to be able to chat and ask questions and see how people have different answers depending on their role within the company, the one thing that seemed unanimous was that everyone loves the culture. The culture seems to have evolved from the values that are an essential part of Cloudreach life.

The rest of the day was spent Go-Karting followed by a Boat Party, at this point I thought 'if this is what works how do I start?' After speaking to a few people they explained that they feel sorry for me, because if this is my first taster of working life then the rest is downhill from here, 'no where else I've worked is like this' seemed to be the theme.


The internship overall been an amazing opportunity for me to understand routine, expectations and attitude of working life. The one thing that my experience has demonstrated is that everyone seems to be more engaged and focused when engulfed in a positive, motivated workplace where everyone seems to get along and this is what Cloudreach is. I feel I have learnt a huge amount about Cloud enablement and the Cloud industry as a whole, there still is a huge amount that is beyond me but the experience has given me an answer to give my parents.


In the future I would like to work for an organisation which, like Cloudreach, has great values, people and a culture that means going to work is a pleasure and not a dread.