Making it in the Premiership

There are some perhaps surprising similarities between top flight soccer teams and consulting organisations such as Cloudreach. Let's take a look.

Finding and Retaining Top Talent

To play in the top tier you need to make sure you hire and retain the best players. As such, Cloudreach have managed to assemble and nurture an amazing team of Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s of our own. These are not just key players but leaders and having these are what marks a truly great team.

Winning Trophies

No proper soccer team is a great team without winning trophies. The ability to continuously win and make it to the top is what defines the great teams we remember. Barcelona would not be the same and Messi, Iniesta, Puyol and Villa would not be remembered if they hadn't won the champions league multiple times. We have our own "trophies" represented through our long standing customers such as Time Inc, Pearson, Kempinski, Belron, AG Barr and many more.  

Depth of Squad

As the season progresses and you fight for all four trophies, you’ll need a big and varied squad to choose from. Different engagements will need a unique split of skills, be it Cloud Consultants to help with strategy, DevOps engineers to help improve continuous deployment processes, to Cloud PMs who understand the intricacies of running cloud projects, you need the right people at the right time.  

Good Organisation

If you can't defend the likes of Arsenal or Manchester United, you'll never be a winner. It's all down to good organisation. Making sure you are ready and prepared to face any situation is imperative. No matter what customers throw at us we’re ready and willing. Be it data analytics, data centre migrations, managing large web estates, they can rely on our ability to organise ourselves to fully deliver.  

We have retained our Premier League status

We are therefore very pleased that AWS have recognised our place in the Premier League of AWS partners. This to us is a recognition of us bringing all of the above to the table to serve our customers. For the second year running, Cloudreach have been awarded AWS’s top tier premier partnership level.