Cloudy Value Spotlight: “Make it happen” with Bella Newberry

Bella Newberry, knows a thing or two about keeping it cloudy. As our Digital Marketing Specialist, anything digital falls under her territory of influence. And since we live in a digital world, you could say Bella has her hands in more than a few Cloudreach projects. This hustler helps execute on lead generation, ensures our branding is spot on via our website and social media, and assists in creating cutting edge content to showcase the cloud’s power in changing the world and all we can do in it. 

Since she is known around the business to “make it happen,” it’s not surprising that this is Bella’s favorite new Cloudreach value. Bella took a step away from her long to-do list to talk Cloudreach culture, what it means to make it happen, and why it’s important to live this value inside and outside of work.

Bella, how have you seen the Cloudreach culture grow and evolve through your time with the company?

I’ve seen quite a few changes in my tenure here at Cloudreach, as change is our only constant. I initially was a part of Relus Cloud, a small cloud consultancy in Atlanta, GA which Cloudreach acquired last August. Since then I’ve visited three Cloudreach offices and moved to NYC from ATL. I’ve see us come together as a company (during highs & lows), mature into our standing within this industry, and cement our collective voices & what we stand for. I’ve made an effort to be a part of every aspect and have enjoyed every moment! The people here are truly outstanding and make what I do every day so worth it. They are the true reason we’ve come so far, grown so much, and our culture is a reflection of them. 

We are very excited to launch our new evolved values! One of our core values is “Make it happen” which connects closely to all the work you do on the Marketing team. Can you explain what “making it happen” means to you? 

Personally, this is my favorite value. Making it happens to me means taking initiative & getting sh*t done. I’m a big believer in the ‘hustle’ and our Marketing team is nothing if not hustlers. We do so much and support every facet of the business from recruitment all the way through the sales cycle - Marketing has had an impact. We are big thinkers and tactful executors. We make it happen because the business depends on us to do so. I may be a biased opinion (100% biased), but I feel this team is the true embodiment of this value. 

Really this value is about seeing something through until the end or at least getting it along as far as you can. At the end of the day, week, or year, you should feel as though you’ve done everything you can to get whatever you’re working on across the finish line - even if you don’t know exactly how to do it, you figure it out. 

How do you make it happen in your day-to-day life?

There is never a shortage of things to do at Cloudreach. As a company, we’re always trying to learn and iterate in the best ways possible to support our clients & Cloudreachers alike. On a personal work level, it means asking “How can I help?” or “How do we do this?” I usually have a pretty chaotic schedule but if I feel like I can help in any way, I do. I take ownership, even when it doesn’t necessarily fall under my specific “role” within the company. I’m driven to make Cloudreach a better place for everyone, not just me, and sometimes that means rolling up my sleeves and just diving in or learning something new. There have been many times when I’ve gone out of my way to learn a new skill in order to support us as a whole.

All in all it boils down to having the tenacity to get it done - which is something I hold dearly in my personal life. My move to NYC, in fact, was a direct result of me being unyielding on what I wanted. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I’ve seen first hand what it takes to make a dream a reality. I watched my dad go to work everyday and give everything he has so that we could be successful as a family - and it paid off. I owe my work ethic & drive to him - he’s always told me I could be/do anything as long as I worked hard for it. 

Tell us about a time you’ve seen this value in action at Cloudreach.

I like to think I see this value every day. One time in particular was right before our rebrand launch back in July. A full company rebrand is a huge undertaking, even more so when you include our software brand, and usually comes with lots of bumps along the way. The week before launch is honestly a blur (probably because of lack of sleep - I think I’ve blacked it out haha) but what stands out most to me is how we got it done & did it together. Various teams all over the company halted what they were doing to help. Our daily catch ups were filled with questions like “How can we solve this?” or “Who can help us get this done?” We stayed late, dealt with fires, and in the end got a years worth of work over the finish line. The hard work paid off and I loved seeing how excited everyone was to see our new brand come to life.

Why is it important for Cloudreach to live by this value?

A lot of the time, people can get lost in the thought process of ‘oh sorry that’s not my job’, regardless of whether or not they can help. At Cloudreach, we’re a community and firmly believe in rising or falling together. “Making it happen” is just an extension of this. Everyone has a unique skill set they bring to the table regardless of their title. It matters even more when there isn’t an ‘expert’ at the table. When you face a problem you think is impossible to solve - you take a step back and work through it together. 

What three key pieces of advice would you give to someone to take ownership, stay focused, and go for it?

    • Dive in: ‘Making it happen’ doesn’t mean you have all the answers but instead that you’re willing to search for them to figure out how to make it happen. 
    • Offer / Ask for Assistance: Sometimes making it happens means knowing where your skillset is the strongest or when you need to lean on someone else. Even the smartest person in the world has vast opportunities for growth. 
    • Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize: Using your time in an effective manner is crucial to not only making it happen but making it happen correctly the first time. I can feel really overwhelmed with how many things need to get done - when this happens I write down all of my tasks (old school I know) and then write when they need to be accomplished by. This lets me clear my head of the anxiety of getting everything done and instead lets me focus on jumping right in. 

Thanks Bella! Visit our Careers site to learn more about the Cloudreach culture and our evolved values:

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