Integrating Presto with HUE

The world of Big data is suffering from a bloat of different tools. Many of them use the same core algorithm, such as Hadoop, but lack common user interfaces. HUE - shorthand for Hadoop User Experience, is a wonderful tool from the team at Cloudera for interacting with Hadoop. It provides a web-based access point for all important Hadoop tools.

Presto is a fully SQL-92 compliant tool from Facebook, that can access all the files stored in Hadoop. It talks natively to Hive, an established SQL-on-Hadoop tool, to access its' tables. Hive is often used to analyse very large quantities of data, by leveraging the power of Hadoop. It provides a SQL-like interface to flat files.

Presto performs most actions twice as fast as Hive, and often with more complex queries speed improvements can be to the tune of 10x. These improvements are achieved by Presto by omitting MapReduce, the familiar method from Hadoop, completely.

A client wanted to leverage this powerful interface. They were already a big user of HUE, so it made sense to integrate Presto into the user interface. Read the full in-depth tech analysis that I wrote here.