How We Partner with Universities

This recent article by IBM about their business partnerships with universities inspired us to talk a little about our own partnerships, and the benefits they have for our customers and graduates alike.


The Cloudreach mission, enable innovation, is only made possible by the wonderful, smart people we employ, and it’s their expertise with managing, designing and operating cloud environments that really empowers our customers. As with any niche skillset, finding talented people for cloud technology work is always a challenge, and we see partnering with educational institutions as a key solution.


Our Partnerships


One of our partners is the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). BCIT students and graduates have significantly contributed to the growth of the Cloudreach Vancouver team. As part of Cloudreach’s Intern and Graduate programmes, we have hired a number of DevOps engineers and analysts with a BCIT background that are currently working for us on a full time basis and delivering cloud services to our enterprise customers.

The students coming from BCIT have a solid understanding of technologies such as cloud, AWS, network administration, scripting and Linux/Windows system administration, all of which we use heavily here at Cloudreach. We’ve also run some great joint initiatives:


#1 Tailored Courses – Cloud Shadowing

Bill Klug, a professor in the Computer Information Technology program at BCIT, took a sabbatical from a semester of teaching to shadow our Vancouver Team. Bill has a passion for cloud and teaches this as a main focus at BCIT. He wanted to get hands-on industry experience with a leading cloud provider to kick-start a few new courses at BCIT and get a better understanding of cloud in practice. Having Bill here was a great success… it strengthened our relationship with BCIT and Bill has successfully created new courses to teach at BCIT directly relating to cloud technologies. You can read more on the AWS Blog!

#2 BCIT Industry Days

We attended a careers fair at BCIT in January where we got the chance to speak to many students in all areas of tech. It’s great to be able to pass on some industry knowledge and get to know the future graduates better.

#3 BCIT Guest Lecture

We coordinated a guest lecture with Bill’s class with 2-3 Cloudreachers presenting a topic to the class. We still get people saying they heard about Cloudreach through a guest lecture they had a few years ago!



Bill Klug, Cloud Computing Option Head and Instructor at BCIT

"Building these relationships between the university and technology companies provides value to both of us. They know that they are getting someone that is properly trained for the work they will be doing right out of school, and we can tailor our curriculum to the kinds of skills needed."



We’ve had many opportunities to meet both students and faculty members at Edinburgh’s Napier campus, and have run a number of initiatives with Napier students.

#1 Experiencing the Digital City

This was an opportunity for 1st and 2nd year students from the school of computing to visit a commercial environment and experience the day to day aspects of working at a technology company. They visited a number of different companies during that day and had the opportunity to ask questions specific to their courses.

#2 Employability Week

This is a week long series of talks and workshops for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years focussed on employability skills and commercial awareness. Cloudreach did five, one hour long talks focussing on our company, the culture, our business model, team structure and of course, employment/graduate opportunities!

#3 Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board is an invitation only, Bi-Annual meeting of faculty leadership, and representatives from local industry. It allows the faculty to use current market knowledge to influence the content of their courses and understand in general what the tech community looks for in a stand out graduate.

Iona Nicolson, Careers Advisor, School of Computing, Napier

"Cloudreach have been particularly supportive of our employability initiatives aimed at School of Computing students.  The student feedback from the [Experiencing the Digital City] visit was great, and it was so interesting to see how the experience motivated and inspired the students."


Our Napier Grads are already off to a flying start. Shannon Murray, who works in Edinburgh in our Operations team, achieved her Microsoft Azure certification first time round – only the 2nd person in the whole company to do so! All this in only her 2nd month.


Our Graduates

For a graduate, getting your career off to the right start is priority number one. That’s why we run a 12 month graduate program for technology and engineering graduates seeking to work on impactful projects, delivered on a massive scale. Our rotation schedule ensures project variety, allowing you to gain maximum exposure to all areas of our business. You’ll learn more than you thought possible, and you’ll have a damn good time doing it.

Life at Cloudreach kicks-off with a 3-month immersive training at our Cloudy Campus. Graduates from across the globe will train together, after which you will have the option to move to another of our offices. From there, you’ll be firmly on the fast-track to success, working alongside some of the brightest minds in tech. Check out our careers page for more information!