How Cloud is Fuelling Growth and Innovation in the Media Industry

You’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the challenges that have been facing the media industry for the past few years. Technological developments are disrupting and remoulding the way in which we consume news and entertainment, apparently having a devastating effect on the feasibility of print media.

In the last calendar year, Google’s ad revenue exceeded $50 billion for the first time, a level only neared by US newspapers way back in 2006 before falling into a long decline (source: Google and United States Newspapers). Such figures could give even the most optimistic observer real cause for concern, yet here at Cloudreach we believe this situation presents a unique opportunity for growth.  

By embracing the very same cloud that has created this challenging environment, media organisations can remain responsive and competitive in the face of continuous change, as well as prepare for future developments and the inevitable new difficulties these will provoke. Whether in preparing for changing demand with a full shift to cloud computing, or by optimising existing cloud setups, we have already helped some of the UK’s biggest names in the field to do just this.  

Time Inc. (UK), with a monthly reach in excess of 28 millions users, encompasses over 60 iconic magazine brands and produces content for print, digital, mobile and tablet platforms. Amazon Web Services would provide them with the savings and flexibility so vital to being a leading force in publishing through their online assets, yet the transition of so many websites to AWS was unavoidably daunting. Cloudreach provided an expert Cloud Project Manager to embed with the internal team, easing the process through the application of cloud migration best practices and acting as a driving force throughout. Time Inc. (UK)’s own internal technology team was highly talented but lacked the vital expertise in AWS-specific project delivery, so Cloudreach contributed senior engineering resource to augment the existing capabilities of the team. This sort of integrated collaboration between Time Inc. (UK) and Cloudreach's broad talent pool ensured an efficient and successful project process, the benefits of which will be felt by the group for years to come.  

Whatever the the advantages of cloud computing for the media industry, these can easily be diminished without ongoing training and support to maximise the potential of AWS and Google solutions. This is particularly true in the world of business news, an area reliant on staying one step ahead of the agenda and being responsive to international developments 24 hours a day. The Financial Times (FT) remains at the forefront of business reporting but was being held back by continued use of IBM Lotus Notes Domino, a heavy-going setup that was proving unsuitable for the increasing adoption of mobile devices. Cloudreach was therefore brought in to create a comprehensive report and present the business case for a widespread transition to Google Enterprise services. As a Google for Work Premier Partner, we were ideally placed to project manage the introduction of comprehensive email, chat, calendar and collaborative document editing, firstly to a small pilot group and then to all users. This gradual approach ensured a refined training process tailored to the FT’s operations and left their workforce fully prepared for the change. Not only that, Cloudreach’s Edinburgh operations centre provides a full 24/7 managed services solution to the FT, helping to support their services team, promote user adoption, process billing and manage security.  

No matter how cloud-based your organisation is, Cloudreach has the experience to tailor AWS and Google services to the unique challenges of today’s media environment. As these successes show, some of the most influential groups are already feeling the full benefits of cloud computing for the media industry in particular, and the shift they have made is now an inevitable one for the whole field. Do reach out to us if you want find out about joining them.