Here we go again - announcing the acquisition of ETA

Where are we at? 

When Blackstone acquired control of Cloudreach in February this year, our enhanced vision was clear: create the category leader in this new market of software enabled services organisations focused on hyperscale cloud platforms. We are really impressed with the 100 or so new Cloudreachers who have decided to join us since February. Thank you all and thank you also to those who are contributing to our success, whether you work for a partner or indeed are one of our customers.

We knew that, despite our very best efforts, organic growth alone would not take us where we needed to be. Finding, enticing and inviting the best fast moving companies in the cloud market to join our project and vision would be required. We have moved on and arrived at second base: Emerging Technology Advisors (ETA) from Reston, Virginia.

Unique skills & capabilities - ETA, welcome to the family!

Cloudreach have over the years established ourselves as the global cloud native leader in the configuration and operation of AWS and, more lately, Azure and GCP. As enterprises accelerate their adoption of these platforms the need to, not just move applications, but to modernize and create new applications is increasing.

ETA bring invaluable experience both in enabling C-level sponsored innovation within Enterprises but also in seizing new opportunities of modernizing / creating innovative applications using new capabilities - such as Serverless - only brought about by the Cloud. These skills and cloudy outlook combined with our existing ethos at Cloudreach will make for an interesting work environment within Cloudreach, as well as deliver oodles of value for our customers and partners.

With the ETA team’s skills & knowledge added to our existing teams, we will have the ability to both accelerate the move to hyperscale cloud platforms as well as enabling our customers to make the most of what the cloud brings. The application tier is ultimately where value for customers will be derived. Our ability as a combined entity to execute on this will enable customers to use Cloudreach not only end-to-end from an infrastructure perspective, but up the stack as well. Truly exciting stuff!

Please read Tom Ray’s blog as well for more info on what ETA does and brings in the context of Cloudreach’s customers and our joint ambitions.

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