Google Drive for Work or Amazon Zocalo?

The giants of the cloud computing world are spoiling us this quarter. First Google announced Drive for Work at their annual conference (IO) in June, and yesterday AWS announced Zocalo at their New York Summit.

Has there ever been a better time to look at cloud computing for enterprise collaboration?

For Google, this continues to develop their already impressive enterprise offering & introduces a package which contains (amongst other things): Google Apps, unlimited storage, Google Vault for compliance and additional auditing controls. All for an incredibly low price per user. We're expecting a large number of our existing Google Apps clients to upgrade to this new tier of the solution in the coming months.

For AWS, this is a step further up the value chain from their traditional Infrastructure as a Service space - as we saw earlier in the year with the release of Workspaces, their Citrix-esque solution for Desktop as a Service delivery. The addition of Zocalo can only drive more people to look at Workspaces for desktop delivery.

A few things stand out when viewing these releases:

  • The old days of people emailing Microsoft Word documents back and forth in an asynchronous manner are well and truly dead. Enterprises need, and demand, to be able to collaborate live on new material
  • Paying for storage is now an outdated model. Dropbox and similar players are going to find themselves squeezed significantly by these development from providers who always compete at low margins but with high value
  • With both Google and Amazon in this space, both will be pushing hard and driving disruption and innovation. This can only be good news for the end consumers of the service
  • The advent of cloud computing is a massive business opportunity for organisations across all industries. This is your moment to break the mould and set your organisation off on a new path positioning it ahead of your competition. You must ensure you are the next AirBnB or Uber of your industry - and not your competitor.