What is 'Fund the Future' all about?

Cloudreach is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry. The Cloudreach sponsored "Fund the Future" initiative was created by Ricki Lawal last year to give back to the industry and support projects that are doing tremendous work attracting and developing underrepresented people into the sector.

What is Fund the Future?

Instead of handing out branded gifts at events, we have chosen to donate the money that we would have spent to amazing charities instead. Anyone can participate in Fund the Future, you just nominate one of the charity boxes and we will make a donation. Supporting the future of the tech industry as well as reducing non-biodegradable waste. It's a win-win.

Cloudreach has already donated $5000 across four charities from 13 events.

Charity selection

The charities Cloudreach select aim to focus on underrepresented people and inclusivity. We believe this is significantly important for healthy progression in the tech world and we hope to be drivers of change through our contribution to these causes.

Some previous charities supported by Fund the Future include:
  • Girls in Tech - A global non-profit focused on the engagement, education, and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.
  • Code.org - A global non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science and increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities.
  • Techie Youth - A non-profit based in NYC that provides free IT education to adolescents and young adults in the foster-care system who are motivated to become professionals in the computer/IT sector.
  • Black Girls CODE - A non-profit devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, Black Girls CODE introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities.
Exciting news...

Fund the Future is one of the interactive elements at our AWS re:Invent Booth for 2018. Visitors will also get to try our Two Blocks Away game.

Importantly, this year we want to take Fund the Future a step further by limiting the amount of non-biodegradable waste the initiative produces. We are creating an application which will allow attendees to vote for their chosen charity on an interactive device. Thus, eliminating the use of plastic tokens.

Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced globally each year, and around 10% of this is recycled. As ambassadors of positive change, Cloudreach wanted to digitize our Fund the Future campaign. Another step to help reduce the amount of plastic Cloudreach uses at events.

This is a photo of the old 'Fund the Future' set up, which we are digitizing this year!

Chosen Charities for 2018

Deaf Kids Code promotes technology and computing skills as an innovative tool to empower deaf/hard of hearing students. Subsequently, bringing diversity to the workplace ensuring young deaf children have an equal opportunity in Tech. Deaf Kids Code’s vision is meant to bridge the severe economic and social gaps that exist among the deaf/hard of hearing through the cultivation of computing and technology skills.

Girls Who Code was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology. Started just six years ago, the organization offers learning opportunities for students and alumni to deepen their computer science skills, creates clear pathways into the computing workforce and builds a supportive sisterhood of peers and role models. It now reaches almost 90,000 girls in all 50 states.

Code2040 is a community of Black and Latinx technologists. They who work with students, professionals, and companies around the US with an aim of diversifying tech. They do this by committing to be more equitable, inclusive and prosperous. Therefore, ensuring that Black and Latinx people are represented and have the economic and social capital needed to thrive.

To see more of our activities for AWS re:Invent, visit our Two Blocks Away series.

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