Feedback-O-Matic: for when you just can’t remember

I work with a lot of wonderful individuals here at Cloudreach. Together we achieve a large number of great things, both for our customers and for one another. There is a genuine camaraderie amongst all of us here, and you will hear nothing short of praise and encouragement on any given day.

Cloudreach uses 360 reviews to evaluate an individual’s performance, so peer feedback is taken very seriously. While it is easy to remember if someone is great or not, it is not that easy to remember why (within the context of a given year’s achievements). The line managers here do expect a little more than, "This Cloudreacher is fantastic, just get him/her a bonus/beer!". When you multiply that by an average of five to seven peer reviews two to three times a year, the quality begins to wane.

So in response to this dilemma, for the December edition of Skunkworks (a quarterly competition held to build something cool in just one day), my team and I decided to build Feedback-O-Matic, a serverless web application where Cloudreachers can input all the feedback they have for others while it is still fresh in their minds. This feedback can then be retrieved at any time by an individual and can also be filtered if their peer reviews needed something even more specific.Feedback-O-Matic uses Cognito for authentication, so Cloudreachers can login with their Google SSO credentials. We chose to use Cloudfront with a S3 origin because we want to require HTTPS for communication, and by doing so S3 provides us with the SSL certificate so we don’t have to get our own. What is notably missing in this diagram is AWS Lambda. Instead of going down the traditional AWS serverless route of implementing Lambda and API Gateway, the API calls to DynamoDB to retrieve the data are executed client-side after the JavaScript file stored in S3 is loaded into the browser. Still serverless, just no Lambda.

There was a lot of positive feedback (pun intended) received for Feedback-O-Matic. With extensive use, Cloudreachers can now get the beer they deserve.


The Feedback-O-Matic Team (Sean Bramhall, Teresa To, Carlos Martell)

  • lambda
  • Serverless
  • skunkworks
  • dynamodb
  • s3