Cloudreach Values Spotlight: “Be Curious” With Frankie Walsh

In this post, Growth & Development Specialist, Frankie Walsh, shares her thoughts on what it means to “be curious,” and how her team lives and breathes this value at Cloudreach.

We’re proud of our cloudy culture - it has, and continues to be, one of our key differentiators. As we grow, it’s critical that we stay true to who we are. Equally, as we look to elevate the future, it’s vital that our culture - how we do things - evolves with us. We are very excited to roll out our evolved values! 

The learning and development experiences provided by our Growth & Development team are crucial to elevating the future of Cloudreach employees and customers alike. This team keeps Cloudreachers curious by inspiring a culture of learning, asking questions, and seeking personal growth... ensuring Cloudreachers have the skills they need to do their jobs today whilst preparing them for the opportunities of tomorrow. In today’s blog post, Growth & Development Specialist Frankie Walsh shares her thoughts on what it means to “be curious,” and how her team lives and breathes this value at Cloudreach.

1. How have you seen the Cloudreach culture grow and evolve throughout your time with the company?

When I joined the company about a year and a half ago, we had just over 600 people and that has expanded enormously even in the short space of time I’ve been here. Our job means that we get to meet most new Cloudreachers that join the company through our onboarding programme, Cloudreach Roots.  One thing I can say with confidence is that each new Cloudreacher brings a completely unique set of experiences and perspectives with them. I think that requires us a company to evolve and adapt to ensure that our values reflect something that every Cloudreacher can relate to.

2. We are very excited to launch our new evolved values! One of our core values is “Be Curious” which connects closely to all the work you and your team does. Can you explain what “Be curious” means to you? 

To me, ‘Be Curious’ is really about being interested in what is going on around you, being interested in the people you work with, the job you’re doing and the industry you work in. There are always better ways to do something and if you keep that at the forefront of your mind in your day to day work,  you will always look for new ways to do something, new skills to learn, new people to meet.

3. How do you Stay Curious in your day to day life?

I’m really interested in people and understanding what makes them tick or what makes them want to learn and develop. So really for me ‘staying curious’ involves getting to know people and trying to develop a deeper understanding of what drives them and what engages them.

4. Why is it important for Cloudreach to live by this value?

People are any company’s greatest resource, if you have a team of people who are deeply interested in the work that they are doing and are always striving to look for new ways to do things you are bound to succeed.

5. Tell us, how does the G&D team supports all Cloudreachers to live this value?

We try to provide tools and resources that feed the innate curiosity that many people at Cloudreach have. If someone says “Hey! I want to learn more about X” we’re able to go “Excellent, here’s what you need to do” and point them in the right direction. 


6. What three key pieces of advice would you give to someone to ask questions, give feedback and learn every day?

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, get to the bottom of an issue and really try to understand why something is the way it is. 
  2. If you’re giving feedback make sure that you are clear and to the point, whilst remaining respectful of whoever you’re giving that feedback to, we’re all human at the end of the day. 
  3. As for learning every day, I think a lot of people think that to ‘learn’ they must sit down in front of an online course or attend a training event. These things are useful and important but most adult learning theory shows that 70% of learning happens through doing your day to day work. So with that in mind make sure you seek out new opportunities, get out of your comfort zone, learn from your colleagues and reflect on your experiences.  


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