Cloudreach Takes Its Microsoft Azure Partnership To The Next Stage

Tom Ray, General Manager for our Microsoft Azure partnership, shares why it is an exciting time to be adopting Microsoft Azure with Cloudreach.

Cloudreach is delighted to announce that we have launched a new leadership structure for each of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs); Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This is a step-change for us, as the world’s largest Cloud Solutions Provider (across SI, MSP and ISV services), we’ve scaled to a point where we are able to invest heavily into each. It covers, not just the partnership relationships, but also our internal matrix relationships across the business including technical thought leadership, dedicated marketing, solution architects alongside delivery support to our world-class professional services, managed services and software teams. Most importantly this provides the level of choice and advice that our customers deserve, and are looking for.

This is great news for our customers and Cloudreachers alike.

Our Microsoft partnership and demand from our customers

So is the relationship with Microsoft new? Not at all, Cloudreach have been partnered with Microsoft for many years, as far back as 2010. We’re a top-tier Gold Microsoft Partner and an accredited Azure Expert MSP – it’s front and center a key relationship for us. Indeed, in the last 12 months alone, our Microsoft business has grown 250% and will continue to grow rapidly. 

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is very attractive to our customer base – they have existing relationships and investment in their technologies, a compelling hybrid story (e.g. Azure Stack, An integrated on-prem solution which allows Azure to run anywhere), a robust (arguably market leading) pitch on compliance and gaining popularity in our customer’s development and infrastructure teams. Indeed, Rightscale’s State of the Cloud report for 2019 noted Azure was growing faster with 52% adoption rate (vs 61% for AWS), we’re not surprised. 

So, how are we organized?

As part of this investment and on a personal note, I’m super excited to pick up a new role as General Manager for Microsoft Azure. After previous jobs building our MSP business and our North American region (my family and I returned from NYC last August to the UK), I was keen to get involved in an area of the business which was growing rapidly, and gave me access to our customer base and working with Cloud Native technology. 

Naturally, success only comes as a team. I’m delighted that Jeff Deverter has taken up a role as our CTO for Microsoft Azure. He’ll be the center of our Microsoft orientated technical thought leadership, ensuring our customers have a great experience across all the services we sell. Jeff joined Cloudreach just over a year ago, initially as a Cloud Strategist, to connect technology and business outcomes in engagements with our largest enterprise customers.  Before that, Jeff worked at Rackspace for 10 years building several Microsoft-based business lines and he spent the last 3 years there as their Microsoft CTO, helping shape their strategy for Microsoft technologies. He knows his stuff! 

What do Cloudreach offer with Microsoft Azure?

Cloudreach offer a range of solutions to help organizations smoothly make the move to Azure. I’ve listed some of the key ones below to help paint the picture;

  • Our Cloud Transformation Primer Aimed at helping organizations work through the initial tentative steps of public cloud adoption, it’s a short engagement, cost effective and will give you confidence to take the next more concrete steps.
  • Application Portfolio Assessment (powered by Cloudamize), or APA as we refer to it. This is a comprehensive analysis, not only from a technical viewpoint, but also incorporating the business’s application owners input. You will have all you need (TCO, Application Migration Plan, Business Case and much more) to push the button and start your Azure Migration journey. This addresses the demand for; what can I migrate, how long will it take, how much and what’s the business case. All good questions to ask!
  • Modernization Blueprint. This is aimed at those organizations needing actionable tactical and strategic guidance to customers who are beginning, or in the midst of a digital modernization effort. Unlike the APA, our ‘ModBlues’ as we call them, are aimed at answering the questions   ‘how can I leverage AI / ML or IoT?’ and ‘how do I change the way our development community?’.

These are just three popular ways in which our customers start their Cloud journey to Azure, however, we also have a wide range of solutions for other stages including our Azure Migration Factory, our suite of Managed Services Suite (Cloud Core + Cost Control + Managed Application). 

Whatever your stage of adoption of Microsoft Azure, we’d love to hear from you. 

Keep it Cloudy,

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