Cloudamize Joins Cloudreach: Enabling (Client) Innovation

Today we announced that Cloudamize had joined the Cloudreach family - bringing a high quality software analytics platform to our team, and becoming the basis of our emerging software business.

Enabling (Client) Innovation

We have as our aim “Enabling Innovation”, which can be translated as removing the diversions and barriers that are placed in the way of getting to business innovation. IT has traditionally owned a lot of these barriers as the high cost of technology change created a significant inertia against following business change.  The public cloud has the potential to reduce and remove many of these barriers, if used correctly.  The possibility to have an application environment that is as agile as it needs to be to support a changing business process is now a real possibility.  This is how we can Enable Client Innovation - by reducing technology inertia.

In order to do this is in an accurate and economic way, it is essential to have high quality data, on which to take decisions. If you don’t have good data, you cannot consistently take good decisions. This quote from Khushboo Shah, Cloudamize founder and chairman indicates how aligned the philosophy of the two teams are:

"Joining forces with Cloudreach accelerates the vision I had when I originally founded Cloudamize - empowering the enterprise with analytics and automation to simplify cloud decision making. When we first launched Cloudamize, we saw an opportunity to automate the tedious and manual process of discovering applications and infrastructure, building migration plans, and determining best possible cloud configurations for optimal performance. I am thrilled to combine efforts with Cloudreach as it’s time we move the market beyond the brute-force manpower-intensive processes of the past and help our customers focus instead on maximizing the value of their cloud deployments."

Brainpower over Manpower

The value that Cloudamize brings to our "Brainpower over Manpower" promise is significant. The ability and accuracy in gathering data is impressive, but the real brainpower is in how the analysis and planning works with that data, providing insight and recommendations. Not only for the migration process but also continuously through application and environment changes as the application is monitored for fit and valued resource utilization.

Software enabled Services and Software Partner Channel. Cloudreach has been using software since inception to support our clients. Some of it we have open sourced (Sceptre) and some has evolved to be a product offering (Cloudreach Connect), but mainly it has been focused on enhancing the work we have done for our clients.  Cloudamize will help with that process in a major way. Also, we will continue to develop the Software Partner Channel, providing access for current and future Cloudamize partners to the software platform with updates and functional expansion as we add them. Additionally as we integrate with Cloudreach Conductor that too will be available through the partner channel.

The Future Looks Bright

We have taken a big step today in realizing the promise of the public cloud: the opportunity for smarter analysis, changing the way we approach problems and getting closer to what businesses need from us, technologists. I am sure that there will be more steps, but we are committed to working with our clients, and for our partners to make sure that we make every effort to be as smart as we can be.  Today we brought a bunch of smart people together, and that always results in good things for the future. Welcome Cloudamize, we are better off together.