Cloudy Game Jam

Last month, my fellow Cloudreachers and I took part in Ludum Dare, a global game jam in which you are challenged to make a video game in a single weekend - certainly no mean feat. Take a look at what we came up with.


After many busy days of transforming our customers' IT infrastructure and innovating in the cloud computing space, it's a good idea to kick back and have some fun. That's why, alongside our board games nights, pool tournaments, bake offs, and crazy quarterlies, we thought it'd be awesome to join Ludum Dare and make some games!  


Ludum Dare

The most recent Cloudy Game Jam (which is what we call it, as we can't help but put the word "Cloudy" in front of everything) took place at the end of September, alongside Ludum Dare 36. This is the second time we've taken part, having previously done so in April this year and wanting to give it another go. For the uninitiated, a game jam typically involves making the best video game you can within a really tight deadline, usually to some theme that is announced at the start of the jam. Ludum Dare has effectively two modes - solo (48 hours) and team (72 hours) - and it's entirely up to the individuals taking part with our game jam whether they actually submit their game to Ludum Dare. It's a hectic, crazy, fun, and enlightening experience!  

Why Get Involved?

A game jam is a great chance to get both our engineers and non-engineers working together, improving and showing off their, often hidden, skills and talents. Perhaps one of the most complex areas of software development, making a game is incredibly multi-disciplinary, requiring a combination of strong technical ability in programming, innovative and careful game design, and both graphical and musical artistry. A weekend is not a long time, to say the least, so putting all of this together is a challenge and a half!  


Our mad ramblings!  


The Games

So this September just gone, we grabbed our Macbooks, MIDI keyboards, graphics tablets, and whiteboards, and started jamming. The theme: Ancient Technology. After a long weekend of hard (yet exciting) work, we submitted Generation 0xDEADBEEF to Ludum Dare. This tough puzzle game has you, an AI-inhabited sloth (don't ask), manipulate the game state in order to reach the end of each level. A small warning: if you don't know anything about hexadecimal or stack operations, this might go over your head.



Generation 0xDEADBEEF (web, HTML5)
by Joseph Mansfield, Chris Connelly, Kieran Doonan, and Bob Brownhill  


Of course, don't forget to check out the games from our previous game jam: Alien vs Janitor, an action game in which you have to find the hidden aliens and avoiding them killing you, and Temple Shifters, a Sokoban-like puzzle game with a twist.  



Alien vs. Janitor (Unity build for OS X)
by Raid Sulaiman, Juan Canham, James Routley, Luke Plausin, Jakub Zygmun  


Temple Shifters (web, HTML5)
by Joseph Mansfield  


Over to you!

We've had some great feedback on our games and we're really looking forward to taking part in Ludum Dare again and getting more games out in the world soon! Why don't you give it a go too?