Cloudreach hits 120+ GCP certified experts

As you may know from reading this excellent post from Richard Bennett, there was an initiative brought about by the partnership between Cloudreach and Google that caused a big rush on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certifications just before Christmas.

We managed to get the incredible number of 120 certifications in under one month, becoming one of the most certified Google partners globally through a milestone achievement.

Staying true to one of Cloudreach’s core values of "promoting personal growth", the challenge was opened up to everyone in the company. Engineers and Architects were a main focus of course, but some of the less technical oriented roles such as Cloud Enablement Leaders or Cloud Engagement Managers were also strongly encouraged to engage in the challenge.

I was managing Cloureach’s very first GCP engagement whilst this was going on, so there were no excuses to not take part myself!

Do not take this exam too lightly!

Full disclosure: I failed my first attempt.

The Google Cloud Architect certification is rooted in a solid understanding of not only cloud fundamentals but also the overall architecture needed to bring about functional endeavours in the cloud. Despite finishing the month with an impressive number of Cloud Architect and Data Engineer certified Cloudreachers, we also witnessed some of our brightest engineers fall short of the mark initially.

I approached this exam knowing I had passed the AWS SA certification some years ago and found it more of a challenge. The unofficial general consensus finds the difficulty of the Google Cloud Architect exam as somewhere between the AWS Solutions Architect Associate and Professional certification.

Richard already posted some very interesting training resources here, but I want to mention an alternative course I found extremely helpful in approaching the retaking of the exam:

What is the interest for a PM?

I finally passed my exam at the second attempt.

You might ask; what interest is there for a Project Manager to obtain this certification? Great question!

Here at Cloudreach we aren’t the usual type of Project Managers. We are Cloud Engagement Managers. These two words make all the difference in our day to day endeavors.

We’ll assume that by us being there we have an understanding on what Cloud is all about, so let’s focus on the second word: Engagement.

An engagement is more extensive than the purview of a project. An engagement can take the form of a classical data center migration project with PM skills and methodology being the key to success, but an engagement can also be more like advisory missions where customer expectations remain firmly technical.

Clark Whiteway mentioned in a previous blog post : "For most Tech Projects, you’ll have an SME (Subject Matter Expert) on your team - for specific technologies, functions, or industries."

That’s true, however by having a well rooted technical background, you’ll understand the in’s and out’s of your engagement and gain confidence from your customer more easily. You’ll also be more efficient in evangelising your project and convincing resistant stakeholders.

Another thing to consider is the collective intelligence and output of your team, which when everyone speaks the same language can help find multipliers across many areas.

For example, at the beginning of our engagement only one member of the team was certified while at the end everyone was. That increased a lot our ability to tackle issues as a group and stay consistent in front of the customer.

Your turn...

Is the challenge worth it? Yes definitely!

The journey to passing such a certification can be interesting for Project Managers. It’s hard stuff, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s a challenge but it’s worth it. It can help you to better drive your engagement and enable the most out of your teams. However it will depend of your technical competence and some possible former experience or education.

Not if. When

So now you know we are truly GCP experts. If you have any questions around this area or project opportunities we can definitely help you. Just get in touch.


Nicolas Barrasson

Cloud Engagement Manager, Cloudreach

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