Cloudreach Cares Digital Philanthropy: Leveraging Cloud Technology

Harnessing the power of tech

Many companies are using technology to innovate, improve efficiency, create consumer loyalty, and deliver increased customer value faster. We know this to be fact: these are the things that we help our Fortune 500 customers achieve every day. At Cloudreach, we help customers view and understand that technology is a tool to accomplish strategic company goals and are no longer a supplement to your business, quarantined to email, print servers, websites, and accounting.

Providing IT support where it’s needed

Conservation, prisoner reform, victim services - these are all important causes that need support. We have found that, sadly, for many of these great causes, the technology they use is outdated and neglected. This is because IT & Operations is an area which receives little funding, and many charitable organizations don’t even realize the capabilities they could have with the right guidance. Many donors don’t see operations as "sexy" and thus contribute to more exciting things. Hence technology is not seen as a means to drive the mission, but to support only the most basic operations.

Cloudreach Cares Digital Philanthropy supports non-profit technology

This is why Cloudreach has developed a Cloudreach Cares Digital Philanthropy program to help qualifying non-profits transform their infrastructure and teach their leaders to look at technology in a new light. An open, accessible, agile way to solve their strategic problems and deliver more efficiently on their mission. We have delivered pro-bono consulting services such as Cloud Governance, Infrastructure Migration, Application Architecture and Programming, and work towards ushering in cultural change regarding organizational views of technology.

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