Clouded Judgement: Remember Governance

Cloud technologies have no doubt shifted the IT landscape in the past few years. Increased agility, diminished project timelines and abandoning the need to pour the majority of the budget on upfront capital costs has had IT professionals salivating across the globe. It seems however, those who were so eager to embrace the benefits of these emerging technologies were just as quick to abandon various risk precautions they had grown up with.

The most obvious of these slips we have found has been in the area of backup and data recovery. What happens if there is a corruption? What happens if we delete our data? How long will it take us to get up and running again? These are all questions that traditionally would have been incorporated into the decision making process but for some reason have been neglected. These issues are just as paramount today as they always have been. Aberdeen Group have noted that 32% of companies are reporting data loss. Cloud applications are revolutionary, but have by no means safeguarded us against the human errors that we have always been so cautious with. Despite this, companies appear to be placing unprecedented faith in them.

The service providers themselves will make no secret about the fact that their backup offerings are not fit as a standalone solution. Salesforce will recommend using a 3rd party backup solution, and Google concedes that when documents or emails are deleted in the Apps suite, they cannot be retrieved. After all, backup is not their job, their job is to provide game changing applications with the ability to transform businesses, and to that end, they are meeting their goals.

Through talking with a large range of customers, Cloudreach have recognised the need for companies to engage 3rd party backup tools such as Cloudfinder to safeguard against human error or corruption, and allow for instant restores bringing recovery time down to an acceptable level.

Cloud technologies will continue to disrupt IT processes - the cost savings and unrivalled dynamism are now being recognised by even the most cautious of industries. At the same time however, we must not have delusions about what these offering actually entail. Cloud should be exciting, but not to the extent that we abandon all standard procedure that has kept heads off the chopping board for as long as we can remember.

Not If. When.