Cloudbusting Podcast: Season One Highlights

Over the past year, the Cloudbusting team have been busy diving headfirst into some of the cloud transformation conundrums we see our customers facing every day. In this post, we pick out five of our favourite episodes from 2019.

Throughout  Season One, Jeremy, Dave, and their guests have attempted to clarify the complex and help their listeners successfully navigate their cloud transformation initiatives. Whether it is overcoming challenging cultural changes or demystifying technology, every episode aims to inform, advise and entertain, as well as present a lighter-hearted take on the often unforgiving world of enterprise IT and technology.

If you are yet to subscribe to the Cloudbusting podcast, here are our picks for the top five episodes from Season One:

Episode 32: Secret CxO Roundtable: Apatable Organizations

What do you get when you lock seven anonymous enterprise CxOs in a room to share their cloud transformation war stories? An insightful and refreshingly honest conversation about the hard-learned lessons experienced during large-scale cloud adoption initiatives. The focus of this roundtable was on ‘Agile Organization’ and how organizations are adapting to operate in, and benefit from, cloud technologies. There are some great asides about successfully implementing an ‘agile mindset’ and the dangers of bumbling ahead with a waterfall-agile (or ‘Wagile’) approach. Read some key insights from this episode here.

If you like this one, we also recommend Episode 14: When Cloud Transformation Goes Wrong


Episode 34: Realising the Business Benefits of the Cloud

In this episode, the team was joined by Don Duet Former Partner and Head of Technology Division at Goldman Sachs and a Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Co.

Following on from the ‘business benefits of the Cloud’ episode recorded earlier on in the series, the team double down on the topic, discussing how these benefits can be realised in more detail. Cloud rarely delivers big-ticket benefits from the word go and there can be a lot of frustrations experienced throughout the course of a transformation project. Don shares his experience of overcoming the initial challenges of adoption and then explains how businesses can leverage their new capabilities and tools to create new, valuable experiences for their customers and understand the true potential of their transformation.  


Episode 21: Leadership and Cloud Transformation: It’s Not Complicated, It’s Complex!

Want to lead your cloud transformation from a caterpillar to a big, beautiful butterfly?

Leadership coach, Alastair Kidd, joins the team in this episode to discuss how changing your leadership approach can help you wade through the swampy pain points of cloud transformation. 

Alastair encourages leaders to get out of their own way when dealing with potentially-messy transformations, to be bold enough to go to the edges of their organization to discover and understand the solutions to their challenges. The team also tackles the difference between complicated and complex, exploring the benefits of the Cynefin Framework and embracing sense-and-respond, humbly audacious leadership.


Episode 16: Agile is a State of Mind

Duena Blomstrom, Co-Founder & CEO PeopleNotTech, has been a regular guest on the show in Season One. In her first episode, Duena joins the team to discuss the leadership mindset changes that need to occur alongside transformation initiatives in order for them to be successful.  Duena speaks of the benefits of viewing ‘agile’ as a state of mind, not just a methodology. It is about collaboration, failing fast and discovering fluid ways of working, moving away from hierarchies and sequential thinking to create the freedom to work effectively.

She also digs into the concept of ‘psychological safety’ and why emotionally intelligent leadership is paramount to introducing agile.

This episode also includes the team's first guest rider, a revelation about the origins of the ‘Cloudbusting’ name and a revealing chat about their favourite cheeses.

Duena returns to the pod in Episode 25: How to Stay Flexible and be Agile and as a guest host in Episode 33: A Human Approach to Process Mapping.


Episode 17: Is Cloud Killing Banking?

In this episode, the team is joined by Nelson Wootton (Managing Director, Lyfthelm) and Darren Ritchie (Territory Sales Leader, Cloudreach) to tackle the rather provocative question: Is Cloud killing banking or making it cool again?

Along the way, they discuss the current state of FinTech. They also consider the disruption of traditional financial institutions by small and nimble digital banks like Monzo, Starling, and Revolut

There is also an interesting aside where Nelson discusses some of the interesting work he has been involved in providing access to internet banking in Africa using edge computing.

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