Cloud Transformation Advantage With Cloudreach

Cloud transformation shouldn’t come with a trade-off between quick-wins and big ambitions. Our cloud transformation solutions do both. We translate infinite opportunity into precise choreography—thousands of steps that make your business better while also building towards huge cloud advantage. 

Cloud transformation is all about intent—about making continual and deliberate moves towards high-value business outcomes.

The trick, of course, is that the infinite opportunity of the cloud raises more questions than it answers. Instant, unlimited resources and scale can be as paralyzing as they are exciting.

That’s where a lot of enterprise cloud transformations fall down—you either get overwhelmed by possibility and move too much, too fast without a clear overarching outcome in mind. Or you get fixated on one big-picture outcome and pursue it myopically without bringing the rest of the business with you.

The truth is that successful cloud transformations need both: quick-wins that build momentum towards a clear, long-term strategy. This forms the principle of Cloud Transformation Advantage.

First, there are corrective steps. These reinterpret the existing technologies, processes and thinking to support the business in a new cloud context. Most importantly, these facilitate the mindset changes necessary to understand success in the cloud

Next, come the imaginative steps. These expand the boundaries of the possible by exploring new ways for technology to support the business—helping you realize your competitive advantage through new applications, services and customer experiences powered by massive-scale data and analytics. 

To do things better. Then do better things.

A Decade’s-Worth Of Expertise

Cloudreach is a company of experts with over a decade of experience tackling the very hardest parts of cloud transformation, across the whole transformation lifecycle. We’ve got a panoramic view of the cloud opportunity on the table. We know that the smallest baby steps and the biggest leaps are part of the same transformation journey, and we’ve helped hundreds of world-class enterprises accelerate from one end to the other, realizing frequent, high-value outcomes along the way.

Our end to end model will ensure a long term strategy is baked into your earliest discussions around adoption and continues to develop as you mature in the cloud.

It begins with strategy...

Cloud Strategy & Adoption  

Cloud transformation changes the molecular structure of your whole business. It is  an opportunity to scale agility throughout your whole business—throughout your people, processes, strategy, and governance. That’s why transformations that only focus on technology wither and die: because that kind of change fragments rather than unites the business. 

Our Cloud Strategy & Adoption services help customers define and execute meaningful transformational outcomes by orchestrating change among the squishiest parts of their organization—their teams, processes and thinking. Because—just like legacy workloads—lifting and shifting outdated thinking into the cloud squanders the best chance for huge competitive acceleration you’ll ever get. 

Whatever your cloud maturity, we zoom in to create a high-fidelity view of what success looks like across your whole cloud journey—anchoring long term goals and ambitions to people-centric groundwork in short, sharp milestones. We do that by developing skills, building alignment, changing attitudes, defining new governance and operating models, refining processes and more.

Discover more about our Cloud Strategy & Adoption practice here.

Cloud Management

For all its infinite possibilities, the most effective users of the cloud share something in common: they treat cloud management like a source of competitive advantage rather than basic hygiene. 

That’s because cloud management isn’t just about using cloud resources effectively or efficiently—it’s about continually improving how your technology estate drives outcomes. And for us, that’s about applications.

Your applications underpin everything—your workflows, capabilities, costs, risks, efficiencies, the customer experiences you deliver, and ultimately, your competitive differentiation. Moving your application estate to the public cloud is a huge and ongoing opportunity to improve them—what they can do, how they work and how they’re managed, and more.

So that’s one side to application-centric cloud management—about getting to known business outcomes faster and more efficiently (and even improving the quality of those outcomes).

But there’s another side to cloud management that’s even more powerful. Because as your cloud capabilities mature, and your application estate effortlessly optimizes for performance, compliance, scale, security and so on—the business is free to innovate in service of new business outcomes. And that’s when cloud management really drives differentiated value—when you can support truly agile development, instant scale, accelerated release cycles and fast iteration.

Read more about how we have developed our SRE-inspired approach to managed services here.

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Data Insights

Data insights and analytics initiatives represent some of the most innovative and high-value opportunities for change on the whole cloud transformation landscape. But it’s also the most poorly understood stage of the whole journey.

The trouble comes down to four letters: AI and ML. The hype train of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is driving enterprises to dedicate decades of man-hours and billions of dollars to technologies they simply aren’t ready to realize value from. Essentially: everyone is talking about, but very few are doing it (to say nothing of doing it well). 

We have an end-to-end framework that takes enterprises from the very first exploratory workshops to highly advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities that drive deep learning, predictive decision-making and truly differentiated value propositions.

It starts by defining the art of the possible—establishing goals, collecting, migrating and preparing data and building analytics platforms using the latest CSP offerings—all closely integrated with your wider cloud journey.

Then comes the exciting bit: solving your business’s hardest challenges with a new kind of intelligence. Machine learning makes it possible to extract knowledge and understanding from the real world at an impossible scale. And we’re only just scraping the surface of the possible applications. 

Areas like decision-making, reasoning, voice recognition, language understanding and computer vision—all supplemented by intelligent, automated actions—are going to drastically redefine the competitive landscape across every industry in the coming years. What that means for you is what Data Insights is about.

Discover more about our Data Insights practice here.

Application Innovation

Applications power your enterprise. Or at least, they should. In mature cloud organizations, every application dollar is strategic. The money spent delivering, supporting, maintaining or developing apps directly translates to business value—by making money, avoiding costs, driving outcomes, delivering insight, delighting customers and so on.

But that’s a far-cry from the reality today. Enterprises are weighed down by inefficient (or even obsolete) applications that aren’t fit for purpose against the backdrop of the new cloud potential. Turning the tide isn’t easy. But it is transformative.

The first step is optimization—discovering and rationalizing every application in your environment against the value it delivers. That means retiring, refactoring and simplifying where possible, so the business retains the functionality it runs on at the scale, performance, efficiency, and resilience it needs at any given moment. And just like that, operational spend becomes strategic.

But next is the most powerful part—innovation. Because once today’s application environment self-optimizes towards simplicity, agility and business value, you’re free to continuously develop and release the new applications that’ll power your competitive advantage tomorrow, through things like: 

  • New capabilities, services, products and business models.
  • Innovative experiences for your customers and frictionless workflows for your employees.
  • New synergies and insights between existing applications and datasets. 
  • Massive-scale analytics driving intelligent actions and automation rates.

Discover more about our Application Innovation practice here.


Tomorrow’s winners will be the most effective users of cloud—the enterprises that can continually exert fine-grain control over how technology supports their evolving business needs.

That was challenging enough with a single cloud environment. But the explosive growth and acceleration of Cloud Service Provider offerings has created a distributed and continuously evolving opportunity landscape. You need one view of everything—status, performance, insights, opportunities—across multiple teams, applications, environments and even providers.

That’s Cloudamize. An antidote to cloud complexity, a vantage point for panoramic visibility and a single management platform for the multi-cloud future. Because the infinite scale and possibilities of the cloud are most valuable when they’re tamed, controlled and continually optimized for the outcomes that drive your business—right from the very beginning.

Ultimately It’s a fast-track to the foundation of true cloud agility, in which your technology environment becomes an organic extension of strategic intent. 

Discover how Cloudamize can help you navigate cloud complexity here.

The next decade is going to be pivotal. It is the enterprises that capitalize on their cloud transformation as an opportunity to improve existing operations and accelerate new capabilities, that are going to run rings around those moving too fast, moving too much and moving without purpose. With our end-to-end model, we can help choreograph your transformation journey so you achieve fast, high-value and future-proof business outcomes in the Cloud.

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