A Face in the Cloud - Genta Roko, Cloud System Developer in Munich

Here at Cloudreach, we believe that the growth of a great business is fuelled by great people. It is our talented individuals that make Cloudreach the success it is.

As we prepare for the upcoming European Women in Technology 2017 conference in Amsterdam 8-9 November, we take a step back and spotlight some of the special women in technology that have been influential in Cloudreach’s success. In this edition of "Face in the Cloud," Cloud Systems Developer Genta Roko tells us about her experience working and keeping it cloudy at Cloudreach.


What is your role at Cloudreach?

I am a Cloud System Developer. I develop cloud-native distributed systems, container orchestration platforms, microservice and serverless architectures, and immutable infrastructure delivery mainly in AWS or Azure.

How has Cloudreach helped you in your career development?

Cloudreach has been providing me everything I need to follow the path I want. Here we have all the resources we need, we have very smart and experienced people sharing their knowledge, a mentoring program that offers career advice and support on personal development, as well as an international environment that is inspiring and fun to work in.

What do you like most about Cloudreach?

I believe one of the greatest values Cloudreach has is its ability to deliver with professionalism and efficiency. Our project teams are very reliable, always deliver qualitative work and add value to everything they are assigned to. There are also continuous internal events that motivate people to work on innovative side projects about everything they are passionate about.

What has been your favourite project at Cloudreach?

Every project is actually different and this makes our work dynamic and interesting. In my last project, for example, we designed and built the infrastructure for integrating AWS, Azure and on-premise data centres for a customer who was starting their digital transformation. We also implemented a governance framework around it and offered our consultancy for the customer to start redesigning their processes towards a desired maturity state.

What advice would you give others looking to pursue a career at Cloudreach?

I would say find what you are passionate, curious and enthusiastic about and come to Cloudreach to make it happen.

What is your Cloudy super skill?

I believe I am very easy to get along with (easy to work with) and I adapt quickly to different challenges and teams which is important when you work in an agile environment.

What are your hopes for the cloud tech industry?

I hope that companies join the cloud faster so all of us together can leverage it to make a difference and contribute to a better society. I believe the cloud area has just begun and I can see that it can empower disruptive trends like VR, IoT Smart Data etc.


Thanks Genta!

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