A Face In The Cloud – Genta Roko, Cloud Data Engineer

In this Face In The Cloud, we catch up with Genta Roko from our Munich office. Genta tells us about her new role as a Cloud Data Engineer, shares some advice for aspiring data engineers and tells us why she has established the ‘Women In IT’ Munich Meetup group.

Hi Genta! Tell us a bit about a typical day in the life of a Cloud Data Engineer at Cloudreach.

As a Cloud Data Engineer, I work on projects focused on building the infrastructure to collect and store data on a cloud platform. I also design and build data processing pipelines, data analytics, and visualizations.

I also work on projects focused on building and combining a variety of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools for sentiment analysis, recommendation engines, image and language processing etc.

It wasn’t so long ago that you told us about your life as a Cloud Systems Engineer. What was it like changing roles and what inspired you to focus on Data?

I always had an interest in data. After two years of working in general cloud infrastructure projects and exploring different areas like CI/CD, Containers, Governance etc., I decided to specialize and focus on Big Data projects. From my experience, I have noticed that this is where the companies are facing more challenges, but also where they get the most vale value. They rely on the immense information gathered to draw some insight and make real-time intelligent automated decisions.

What role does Data Engineering play when it comes to Cloud?

Data Engineering is more focused on building the components/services/environment for a data pipeline in the cloud starting from data collection or ingestion (transactional, batch data, realtime data, events from IoT devices), processing the data (aggregation, ETL etc) and data analysis (querying, data science, ML algorithms etc.), and visualization (graphs, maps).

We see you’re organizing a Women in IT Meetup in Munich. Very exciting! Tell us more about this group, its types of events, and your hopes for the Women in IT community.

Yes, I recently created a group on the meetup.com platform. That was not really planned. Some time ago we organized a python workshop in London. The event was very successful and a lot of participants were asking about the date of the next event. So I thought of organizing something similar in Munich. I looked for groups with whom to collaborate but there was no response. It seemed like the community in Munich was not that active even though I am seeing that there are a lot of women interested in IT related topics. That is how I decided to open my own group, to bring Women in IT together and help them grow in whatever career path they want to follow in the IT world. I really believe that anyone who is curious and willing to learn can achieve a lot. I hope that they can get the right guidance with these events.

The first event organized was really good and I hope we will repeat it very soon, but also cover some other hot topics today like Big Data in the Cloud etc. 

Where can our readers stay up to date on upcoming Meetups?

Keep an eye on the meetup group Women in IT Munich and Tech Women London! We are hosting a Big Data in the Cloud event on 19 June – RSVP now!

How would you describe life in the Munich office?

The Munich office is my base office and it is where I feel at home.  I think it is the perfect size. It has a lot of space and a lot of people to talk to, learn so much from and maybe find shared interests and hobbies. However, it still keeps that ‘family’ feeling even though it continues to grow. It is quite central and very comfortable to work there. 

Any advice to someone looking to pursue a career in Data Engineering?

I would say, start with simple things. There is a lot of material and complete projects online nowadays and it is really easy to get started (Check Kaggle). If you have done data analytics and want to know how to use the Cloud for more powerful queries, there are some really good courses online for Cloud 101. If you are familiar with Cloud but want to focus more on data, then get a sample data source and start doing some exploration and simple queries using the language that is most familiar to you like Python, R, PySpark. You can pick a topic you like and have fun.  Also, I find meetup events and workshops very helpful to get more concrete suggestions about technologies and gain some inspiration. Basically Just Do IT!


Thanks Genta!

If you’re as excited as we are about the newly launched Women in IT Munich Meetup group, be sure to check out their Big Data in the Cloud event coming up on June 17, 2019.

If a career in Cloud Data Engineering is for you, we’re hiring Cloud Data Engineers & Leads across Europe and North America! Take a look at all current openings and get in touch.

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