A Letter from Cloudreach CEO Brooks Borcherding


I wanted to share my thoughts on the ongoing situation in the US and growing across the world. Let me start by saying how much it pains me to see, yet again, how little we’ve progressed as a country to address the pervasive systemic racism that fuels the fear and hostility unfolding this week. The series of recent events including the brutal shootings of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor followed by the killing of George Floyd are just the latest evidence that we as a country are failing to secure the fundamental rights of all our citizens regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. 

Personally the vivid memory of the brutal Rodney King beating and the associated violence that rocked Los Angeles upon the acquittal of the police officers remains with me today almost 30 years later. And it affects me deeply witnessing a strikingly similar situation with George Floyd three decades later with such little progress. We all have a fundamental obligation to effect change NOW and say “no more.”  

At Cloudreach, we not only value diversity but embrace our differences as a core foundation of the company. Inclusion is one of the fundamental values we share that I truly cherish here on a day-to-day basis. Of course, we know there’s more we can do in our commitment to being a diverse, inclusive, respectful workplace where every one of our people can do their life’s work. I also know there is more I can contribute personally. 

Though we are not all together physically, I encourage each of you to lean on your team, reach out to colleagues, take initiative to create affinity networks, and support your local communities. I am also going to create a formal diversity and inclusion committee that I will chair personally to create a larger platform to channel the voice of our company. We may not be able to solve the entirety of the systematic racial issues affecting our world, but we can certainly effect change through our example and engagement. I welcome and encourage your feedback and engagement to help us drive change that is long, long overdue in America and across the world.