A Growing Family - Cloudreach Acquires ETA

Today Cloudreach announces Emerging Technology Associates (ETA) have joined the Cloudreach family, bringing their, focus on corporate innovation, application redesign/modernisation, vision and leadership.


Nobody does anything just for the sake of it. We all need a target, a goal, a mission to get behind. It has to be credible, tangible and desirable. Cloudreach’s vision is to be the global cloud integrator of choice for the Enterprise and the defacto home for the world’s best technology talent. Are we the complete article? No, (at least not yet!) we’ve many years of hard work to achieve this. Recognizing these gaps and planning to tackle them is a key step for our success.


Back in February 2017, Blackstone acquired Cloudreach, opening a new chapter in our company’s history. It’s a step change in our development, giving us a wider array of strategies to expand our business. While we continue to invest in existing Cloudreachers, hire new talent and expand our business organically, we also have the option to acquire businesses which share the same ambition, that will help us broaden our offerings and enhance our culture. The last point is super important for us, we want to live by our values both now and in the future.

Emerging Technology Associates (ETA)

We met the team at ETA in April this year, we were impressed by their passion, commitment and portfolio of projects and services. Specifically ETA’s pitch is targeted at both supporting the C-level sponsored corporate innovation and secondly a razor focus on modernizing / creating innovative applications in the Cloud. When you take this and blend it with our existing ethos at Cloudreach, we strongly believe that there is a bond, a connection between the two organizations.

Let me share a couple of examples of ETA’s secret sauce. Firstly is their custom Innovation Labs and presentations for client events of all sizes. From executive leadership meetings and training sessions, to large conferences with tens of thousands of attendees. Customers get engaged hands-on with amazing technologies, including 3D scanners & printers, robots, drones, VR & augmented reality, AI and machine learning. ETA Innovation Events drive a discussion about the implications of technology on the future of industry and create an organizational dialogue about thinking differently.

Secondly, is ETA’s approach to modernizing applications, the process kicks off with an in depth audit including systems architecture, review of product strategy, current software design and systems review. Based upon the outcome of this initial step, their team pull together a detailed plan to either create new or update your application(s). The team have in-depth knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies – React, Angular, Node.js, Go, Rust, Python – to provide the most value to the business.

The Future

I’m delighted that ETA have joined our family, I’m excited to learn from them and share the experience of building a spectacular company together over the up and coming years. Thank you to the ETA team for their commitment to make this happen.

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