A Face In The Cloud - Paul Chin Jr., Solutions Architect

In this Face in the Cloud, we catch up with Paul Chin Jr., a Solutions Architect from our Norfolk, Virginia office. We find out what a typical day at Cloudreach looks like for him and ask who has inspired him during his career. We also get a little glimpse at his eclectic music taste.

Hi Paul! First up, tell us a bit about your career so far. How did you end up at Cloudreach?

My path to Cloudreach was an organic discovery enabled by a wonderful community of local software developers and technologists. I had started a number of small businesses that included a photography studio, a t-shirt company and a pop-up restaurant/food truck. Then my whole life changed when I attended an International Nodebots Day event. I taught myself how to write web applications and build IoT projects using JavaScript and open source technologies. Eventually, by presenting my projects at conferences and meetups, I met some amazing folks which led me to join the beautiful Cloudreach office in the heart of downtown Norfolk, Virginia.  

Tell us a bit about the typical day in the life of Solutions Architect at Cloudreach.

Being a Solutions Architect is a really great role. My day involves connecting with multiple sides of our business to ensure that projects get the right requirements. It’s working with our business development team to uncover a customer’s needs and also connecting with our delivery teams to bounce around ideas. I have the awesome job of partnering with our customers to architect the right technical solutions to enable a particular business outcome.  

What about your job as a Solutions Architect gets you excited when you wake up in the morning?

My area of expertise involves application development and modernization. Using modern cloud-native services to build solutions is a really exciting place to be right now. I get to use the newest technologies and make them relevant to our customer’s goals. Being able to show clients how they can use new tools and techniques makes every day unique.

Tell us about an engagement you’ve found particularly challenging or rewarding.

Clients are always in different phases of their cloud journey, so it’s a challenge to stay fluid to their needs over time. One engagement started with a strategy to modernize a data application, but evolved into building new data pipelines as well as a custom web application to give non-technical users a pleasant visual interface. It’s one of those projects where we keep uncovering new ways of delivering value with our expertise in serverless architectures. 

We see you have experience speaking at industry events, what do you enjoy most about presenting to your industry colleagues?

Easily, the best thing about speaking at conferences is meeting folks in the industry. Working with emerging technologies and staying ahead to separate hype from sustainable solutions, can be daunting. By being engaged in the community and sharing early discoveries, we can get feedback, solve problems faster, and continue our thought leadership in application development.    

Who has inspired you during your career?

There are too many people to acknowledge and most of them are in the Cloudreach office. I owe a lot of my growth and inspiration to Linda Nichols, who helped mentor me as I entered this industry. She really understands the value in diverse backgrounds and non-traditional engineering skills.  

What advice would you have for 16-year-old Paul?

Don’t ride your skateboard at night when there’s ice on the ground … that would have saved me some pain! But I would also say: "Don't change a thing! Just stay curious, try as many new things and meet as many new people as you can. The accumulation of experiences and relationships is the real value in life."

If you were stuck on a deserted island with only three records to listen to, what would they be?

This is the toughest question of all time. In order to psych myself up to collect firewood and survive, I would put on Jay Z - The Blueprint to feel some drive and hustle. When I need to relax and forget about my worries, I would put on 2 Skinnee J’s - Super Mercado to bring back memories of the best live performances I have ever seen. Finally, when I want a full listening experience, I would reach for The Gay Blades - Ghosts just to sink into the vocal range of Clark Westfield.

Interested in working as a Solutions Architect like Paul? Cloudreach is looking for Solutions Architects to join our teams in North America, as well as hiring for positions across all business units! Learn more.

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