A Face In The Cloud – Johnson Abraham, Technical Architect

In this Face in the Cloud, we meet Johnson Abraham, a Technical Architect from our office in Pune, India. Johnson tells us about his experience working for various startups, his love of cricket and describes what success looks like to him.


Hi Johnson, tell us a bit about your journey. How did you end up at Cloudreach?

I started my career as a Java Developer in 2004 at a Software services startup, where I worked on various simple to complex projects and products, at times working on multiple engagements. This helped me understand a plethora of architectures in a very short time-span. I have always had a penchant for startups and I kept experimenting with my career to work for them, at times succeeding and at many times failing, but all the while learning. While doing so I started consulting for Cloudamize in 2013, to help them revamp/rebuild its web component which I did successfully. I ended up working for Cloudamize full time in 2014, which eventually became part of Cloudreach.


Can you tell us a bit about your role and the types of projects you work on?

I work quite a bit on web components for our product platform, and a little bit on data collection. My role involves analyzing what tools and technologies are suited best for our problem statements and choosing the right one to provide a scalable solution for it.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Getting to pick and choose what to work on, and how to do it, is the best thing about my role. Apart from that, grooming new talent and mentoring them is what gets me going on a daily basis.


How would you describe the Pune office?

Calm, peaceful and a tad bit crazy. We have a range of characters in our Pune office who ensure that every day is eventful.


What is your favorite thing about living and working in Pune?

Pace of life. Life has its own pace here, no hurry, no rush. In other cities where I have lived, one does not get time to stop, breathe and reflect on the quality of your life and make corrections. This city provides ample time and opportunities.


What does success look like to you?

Success for me is reaching that pinnacle where others look up to you as their inspiration and consider you worthy enough to get advice from.


What are you passionate about outside of work?

I am way too passionate about Cricket. I actively hit nets and participate in local club tournaments. Well, that is one lost dream nevertheless.


If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?

France, for its food palette, wine and to learn enough French to sneak a few of it into my English vocabulary.


What is your favorite Cloudy Lunch spot?

Effingut Brewerkz, for its beer.


Any advice for someone looking to join the team in Pune?

Be a little bit crazy, be a little bit inquisitive and do not fret expressing your ideas thinking they are not good enough. The majority of ideas of successful people out there were rubbish, they just had a few good ones which made them successful. We love ideas.


Are you a bit crazy, a bit inquisitive, and a lover of expressing ideas? The Pune team is now hiring Software Engineers, Developers, Project Managers, and more! Check out our India openings and apply today.

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