A Face In The Cloud - Haider Abdullah, Cloud Architect

In this 'Face In The Cloud', Texas-based Cloud Architect, Haider Abdullah, tells us about some of his career highlights and why having a strong work ethic will always be one of his core principles.

What’s your current role?

My current role is 'Cloud Architect'. On a customer engagement, the Cloud Architect is responsible for the technical delivery of the project. I get to work hand in hand with my clients to help them take full advantage of all that public cloud has to offer. I’m involved from the beginning of the project, all the way through implementation. As Cloud Architects, we work in a dynamic environment, oftentimes with a large team of developers, and it is our job to ensure that we deliver something that is timely, relevant, and hopefully beyond the customer’s expectations.  

Tell us a bit about your journey, how did you end up at Cloudreach?

After graduating from University of Houston with a degree in Computer Science, my professional career in IT started with enterprise software development. I worked for a number of companies in the Energy sector to build some really cool pieces of software. In my last role before Cloudreach, I led a major migration effort to AWS and experienced all the challenges of migration and ongoing operation first hand. I was honored to have a chance to share the learnings and accomplishments at Re:Invent 2017 (https://reinvent2017.haider.cloud).  

I knew that I wanted to work in this exciting and challenging space, alongside some very talented people I could learn from. When I found Cloudreach and read through the previous 'Face In the Cloud' series of posts, it seemed like a natural fit!  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

There are many things I enjoy about my job. I love the challenges we face and the opportunity to get creative to solve them. I love being able to collaborate with a number of colleagues who are not only extremely talented but also extremely passionate about what they do. I love being able to share what we’ve all collectively learned in our journeys, with a client who is just about to begin theirs. I’m still a coder at heart, so I enjoy getting my hands on the keyboard and creating something new! Most of all, I love the opportunity to mentor some of my team members while I continue to learn from everyone around me and develop myself in many different areas.  

Where do you see this industry going in 5 years?

I’ve noticed the conversation about public cloud changing from "why" to "how", and it’s an extremely exciting time to be working in this industry. As the capabilities offered by the major Cloud provider platforms become easier to consume, and the industry workforce continues to mature and 'up our game' collectively, I see a lot of new innovation on the horizon. We’ve heard a lot about Serverless and AI/ML recently, and I don’t believe that to be hype or a fad that will pass - I believe all of these developments are inspiring young bright minds who will come up with innovative things we’ve never thought of before.  

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?

I’ve received a lot of guidance over the years, but what really stands out to me is this - my parents, family members, mentors have all demonstrated the importance of a strong work ethic through their actions over the years. That has become a core principle of mine - to always put my best effort towards whatever I’m working on and to take pride in the work.  

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