A Face In The Cloud - Daniel Stamer, Cloud Systems Developer

In this Face in the Cloud, we meet Daniel Stamer, a Cloud Systems Developer in our Berlin office. Daniel tells us more about the skills he has developed in his role, the working culture and Cloudreach, and what he is looking forward to at AWS Summit Berlin 2019 (26th-27th February).

Tell us a bit about your career so far? How did you end up at Cloudreach?

I was exposed to cloud technology at my previous job. I was immediately fascinated by what I could achieve all by myself. I grew up as an application developer in the old world of data centers (back in the time when you could actually physically touch cables and racks). I was used to long waiting times when requesting virtual machines and tediously installing necessary application components myself. Cloud technologies have drastically decreased the time it takes to bring an idea from whiteboard into production. The building blocks in the logo of AWS are spot-on. So I got hooked on building larger complex application architectures and I knew I wanted more of that. Cloudreach has been an excellent choice in pursuing this further. It is an awesome place to develop among like-minded individuals and I am grateful for that every day.  

What are the key skills you need to be a Cloud Systems Developer?

I’d say, arguably, that the most important skill in my daily work is the ability to communicate effectively; more specifically to listen actively. Yes, everything we do involves constant interaction with technology but a huge part of my daily life as a Cloud Systems Developer requires me to interface with people from very different backgrounds, looking at very complex issues from a variety of perspectives.

I’d say that, as a CSD, I am primarily exposed to people problems, rather than technical problems. Conway’s Law describes how the way we communicate with people is ultimately defining the way we design technical solutions. Apart from trying to expand my technical expertise in the cloud, I will always try to become better at communicating with others. Being able to actively listen to the people around you, giving them your full attention, trying to understand their perspectives and being able to give them a helping hand is a precious, precious item in a CSD’s toolbox.  

What do you like most about what you do?

I have an unquenchable thirst for learning new things and I love change. Working in the rapidly developing environment of the public cloud is great for a curious person like me. I get to interact with new people, challenges, and technologies on a daily basis. I never get bored! On top of that, being a part of Cloudreach enables me to talk to some of the smartest people in the cloud space. I really enjoy having short communication lines to this hivemind of cloud professionals. The deep and profound knowledge you can find at an arm's length is astounding.  

Can you tell us about a project you’ve found particularly challenging and/or rewarding?

In Cloudreach, I have different kinds of projects. Besides working with our customers I also get to pursue my own projects. Very recently I have fulfilled a small dream of mine which I have been chasing for a year or so. During my first year at Cloudreach, I have managed to get my professional architecture certifications for Azure, AWS, and GCP. The feeling of having all of the three big ones is absolutely amazing.

The Berlin Office, like many of the Cloudreach offices, is an international community. What is it like to collaborate with such a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis?

True, it is a very international crowd. It is fantastic to interact with my colleagues, getting to know different cultures and interfacing with very diverse views on the world we live in. It is an amazing resource as well! Sometimes, when I get stuck with a particular problem at hand I never really need to search for a long time to be able to pick somebody else's brain on the matter. Taking a step back and letting somebody else shine a light on the issue is very often all that it takes. Friday is my favorite day of the week, because that is usually when everybody is in the office. Getting together over lunch and being able to reflect on the past week is very essential for me. I never thought I’d enjoy going to work as much as I do today. I am fully aware that this must sound incredibly cheesy, but it is also absolutely true.  

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to pursue a career in cloud technology?

Get your hands dirty! Get your own cloud accounts (or find someone who picks up the bill for you) and start building out ideas that you have. Possibilities are endless. My advice is actually really simple: Expose yourself to cloud technology every day. Don’t expect to find shortcuts or silver bullets. The cloud is a very, very big thing and it is going to take some time to really get into it. Don’t just watch videos or read up on the different services: Get your hands dirty and build cool things. Also, scroll down and apply for a job at Cloudreach!  

We hear you are heading to AWS Summit Berlin on February 26th and 27th. What are you looking forward to about the event?

It is a really amazing opportunity to get in touch with the people that create the magic of the cloud. AWS is usually hidden behind APIs so the summit is a great way of connecting to the humans that make it all work. I always appreciate it when I can catch a glimpse of what is happening inside of AWS, how they run their data centers, may it be through technical talks on the matter or just by chatting to them.

If you could have any other job in the world, what would it be?

Well, what a question... I guess it has to be something creative, something more tangible than dealing with virtual cloud resources every day. My wife is a florist and I have caught myself being marveled by what she does. So I guess I’d love to be a florist.

Would you like to join Daniel on the CSD team at Cloudreach? Check out our latest vacancies here.

Once again we are sponsoring AWS Summit Berlin (26-27 February). For more information about the event click here.

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