A Face In The Cloud - Antonela Galetto, Munich Office Manager

In this Face in the Cloud, we meet Antonela Galetto, the 'Happy Manager' at the Munich office. We learn about the perks of working in a multicultural office, the three words that describe the Cloudreach DACH team and Antonela's thoughts on this year's International Women's Day theme #BalanceforBetter.

Tell us a bit about your journey. How did you end up at Cloudreach?

Well, I’m originally from Argentina. After studying International Relations, I started to work for different NGO’s in Latin America (like the Argentinian food bank, or Qorito a Peruvian NGO). While I was in Peru, I met the person that today is my husband. He is from Germany, so I said: "Hey, why not? Let’s give this country a try".

I first went to Austria to study German and then moved to Munich. I wanted to try something new and I literally searched the term "happy jobs"in Google and, believe or not, the open position for an Office Manager for Cloudreach was there (FYI: Office managers roles are often described as Happy Manager positions). After six interviews in one day (really crazy day, by the way) they said: "Hey, we want you for our team!”.

What about your job gets you excited when you wake up in the morning?

Every day is completely different, so I never get bored.

If I wake up and I make a plan for the day, I can pretty much guarantee that by 12 pm something crazy will just happen and change everything! Being an office manager is all about flexibility, adaptability, and (of course) fun :).

The promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a vital part of this company’s ethos and "respect the individual"is one of Cloudreach’s 'Cloudy Values'. What does ‘respect the individual’ mean to you?

The DACH team is really international, put all of the offices together and you will get a total of more than 21 nationalities (we are basically like the UN). So for me, respecting the individual means understanding that we have huge differences between each other, but these differences don’t pull us apart, it’s totally the opposite: we can learn so much from each other.

Respecting the individual is allowing that person to share a piece of their life with you. Maybe its a story about their family or a cultural tradition that they have. Understanding, listening and accepting them is all part of this.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceforBetter. What does #BalanceforBetter mean to you?

Often, women are expected to balance work obligations with family responsibilities. This can take us to the point where we don’t prioritise what is best for us, what would make us happy, and we just keep putting more and more pressure on our shoulders. To me, #BalanceforBetter means to set yourself priorities, ask for help if you need it, accept that you are not responsible for everything and that it is okay to say "no" sometimes.

As Office Manager for our Munich team, can you tell us about some of the initiatives you have put in place to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion in your role?

Being an Office Manager for an international team is a challenge. Many people recently moved to Germany just to work for Cloudreach and they don’t have that many friends or any family in their new cities.

The first step was to promote more group activities so everybody can get to know each other better. For example, organising international dinner parties, where you can bring (or cook) something from your home country to share with your colleagues. It’s a great way to present your culture, your traditions and a part of you to your team.

We also like to celebrate special holidays. Like for Christmas, we try to bring food that we would normally have during the festive season.

I have also added a "Multi-culti" section into TGIF (Cloudreach’s Friday announcements). In German, "Multi-Culti"is a shorter word for Multiculturality. Basically, we choose one nationality present at the office and that person or group has five minutes to share nice or funny traditions to the rest. You can learn so much from your colleagues and at the same time, you can find so many facts in common with your own culture.

How would you describe the German team in three words?

It’s really difficult to find only three words to describe them, as even when I’m under stress or having a bad day, these people are just amazing. But I would say: Flexible because they adapt, they are always up for trying new things. Lovable: over time and while sharing the same space for that many hours, you have to chance to get to know each other better and you find yourself surrounded by this amazing group. They care about me and I care about them, deeply.

And last word: Fun, we love to have fun, at the office, at company events, at group activities, at cloudy lunches, during TGIF. We have a great time together and I’m sure we are going to have some beautiful memories about these days in the future.

Who or what inspires you in your career?

People, I like working with and for people. I cannot choose one person, but If I have to I would say the group of Office Managers at Cloudreach. You can learn so much that team, they are strong, funny, helpful, and as individuals, they always conquer every challenge.

What is the top thing on your bucket list?

To be honest, I don’t have a bucket list. Most of the goals that I set myself years ago, I have achieved. But I guess if I have to choose a thing, I would say travel more to Eastern Europe and have the chance to learn more about the amazing cultures and countries over there.

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